ZIP Serves Jarringly Quaint All-Day Breakfasts

By Andrew Cottrill . November 17, 2017

ZIP in Neukölln serves single or shareable servings of tasty breakfast classics in jars.

The idea of serving food exclusively in glass jars is bound to set your hipster-gauge spiraling out of control, but luckily ZIP’s exciting and innovative menu means you forget to be too self-conscious and settle down to a delicious rendition of the most important meal of the day – breakfast – served in a reusable and portable (and let’s not forget attractive) container.

Zip Berlin Pannierstrasse Breakfast

ZIP is located in Neukölln (where else?). Pannierstrasse 57 to be exact – the former location of Melbourne Canteen, an originator of Berlin’s breakfast rebirth. ZIP offers a selection of classic breakfast options – from fresh bread with house-churned butter, marmalades and quark, to cooked meals like the ubiquitous Frühstück favourite scrambled egg, this time served with smoked bacon on a stick.

ZIP Berlin Pannierstrasse 2

For some people, breakfast is a lonely meal. Stuff some food down you with a coffee, a cigarette and one eye on the clock before rushing off to catch the U-Bahn. But some people (damn freelancers) have the luxury of spending time enjoying breakfasts with friends.

Zip Berlin Pannierstrasse Pancakes

Here, ZIP comes into its own, offering a wide variety of breakfast options in a sharing menu. You and your friends can choose your own breakfast combinations based on the jars you choose. This way you get to taste your way through their menu of inventive options without having to eat whole portions.

ZIP Berlin Pannierstrasse 3

Of course, you can also breakfast at ZIP alone… and you have our sympathies. But their perfectly moist and crusty bread, spread with homemade rucola butter or perhaps their apricot and Riesling jam and quark is worth the prospect of being alone with your own thoughts for 30 minutes. Did I mention their orange hummus?

ZIP Berlin Pannierstrasse 1

ZIP’s interior is also pretty neat – modern, minimal and spacious without being clinical, it’s the clean Berlin 2.0 look that’s chic, with just enough of the shabby to remind us exactly where we are. Their staff is engaging, attentive and refreshingly good-humoured compared to the modern Berlin distant/cool/useless cafe culture.

Zip Berlin Breakfast Interior

Opening at 10am, ZIP’s breakfast isn’t for early-birds. But for us normal people, it’s open until 9pm (midnight on weekends) so drop in for a jar or two. Or five. And a glass of wine.

ZIP Berlin Pannierstrasse Outside
Zip Berlin Pannierstrasse Breakfast Andy and Tom
Easter egg! They snapped Tom and I having a quaint old time at their opening event.

ZIP Berlin
Pannierstr. 57
12047 Berlin
Open daily 10am-9pm, weekends from 10am-midnight.

Visit them on Facebook.


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