Our Picks for Where to Booze: World Cup 2018

By Andrew Cottrill . June 12, 2018

You won’t be able to avoid this World Cup in Berlin. Fact. So here are our favourite places to enjoy it.

Berlin goes pretty crazy for the ‘WM’. You won’t find a street corner that doesn’t echo commentators’ voices in multiple languages, or that explosion of cheering that rocks down the highstreets as bars with sluggish internet finally witness that game-winning goal. So to get the most out of these next weeks. Here’s a list of the favourites locations that we’ve discovered over the past few footballing tournaments plus some newcomers to the game. ‘Schland! ‘Schland! ‘Schland!

Support ‘Schland in Jägerklause’s raucous biergarten

Gritty rock bar Jägerklause, located in Friedrichshain, was a favourite spot to watch the 2016 Euro Championship. Their shaded biergarten, complete with outdoor bar and smoky grill (serving surprisingly good food), will be hosting all the games on a big screen. Get there early to claim a seat – it gets busy!

Join the Feisty French at Marie Antoinette

Marie Antoinette, located underneath the S-bahn tracks at Jannowitzbrücke, hosted the best French football parties during the last football tournament. Owner Julien brings the whole French community together to back their national team. With predictions for big things this tournament, you’re going to want to be here to see the French win (or lose miserably).

Watch England destroy hopes and dreams at Soma

Don’t suffer in silence. England fans need to support each other as they watch their team (probably) crash out of this World Cup in spectacularly dreary style. England are abysmal, but together we can support each other and get through this. Soma Bar will be hosting support groups for all those affected. Plus Walkers crisps and a badass soundtrack.

Follow Mexico’s World Cup whilst sipping Mezcal at Tentacion

This year, the Mexicans will be out in force at Friedrichshain’s mezcalothek, Tentacion. Expectations are high for Mexico’s team in this 2018 World Cup, so prepare yourself for joyful highs and crushing lows with great homemade beer, a huge selection of mezcal plus traditional Mexican snacks.

Enjoy all the games in Quasimodo’s biergarten

Quasimodo‘s beautiful biergarten on Kantstrasse in Charlottenburg is showing all World Cup games on a big LED screen. They’re open from 11.30am, that means you can roll out of bed and head over there in time for the 2pm game. Perfect.

Drown in Berlin’s best Hausmarke bier at Hirsch

Not only does Hirsch have Berlin’s best hausmarke bier (at the best price too… 2.60€), it’s also showing all games on multiple screens. This is the place for heavy drinking, rawkous banter and a pretty great schnitzel.

Vegetarian raving in Wildeküche’s back yard

Kreuzberg vegetarian restaurant and space for peace and love, Wildeküche, is opening it’s huge garden space for footballing vegans and hooligans alike. Their well-stocked bar will sharpen your minds whilst their world-saving food menu will nourish the soul.

…Or just go to any Späti

The entrepreneurial spirit of Berlin’s Spätis knows no bounds, and during the World Cup these guys really show what they’re made of. You’ll find armchairs pushed out into the street, cheap flatscreen TVs perched on beer crates and much, much more. What better way to enjoy the games than with a Sternberg within arm’s reach?

Got any other recommendations? Stick them in comments.


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