Work Trips and Road Trips: Join a secret dinner party with fellow freelancers

By Monika Kanokova . February 21, 2017

As a freelancer, chances are high you are by yourself a lot. If there is a problem, there is no one to consult on how to best solve it, and when you’ve done something exceptionally well, no one’s sitting across the table who could high-five you and be as happy about your accomplishments as you are yourself.

Monika Kanokova, the author of the series of insightful guides for freelancers, is publishing her third book via Kickstarter. This time around she’s asked 15 independent creatives to share their stories about how they combine work and travel and how they manage to take time off. Regularly and often.

BERLIN LOVES YOU Monika Kanokova WorkTripsRoadTrips 2

As a freelancer, you don’t have a team to discuss what’s normal and how to approach tricky situations. You mostly don’t have anyone who’ll tell you in great detail how to approach various situations. I’ve started publishing these guides to offer a guiding hand and to share stories that are pure and honest, and thus probably more encouraging than the stories of overnight successes you can read all over the internet.” says Monika.

BERLIN LOVES YOU Monika Kanokova WorkTripsRoadTrips 1

One of the Kickstarter rewards to finalise her upcoming book, Work Trips and Road Trips, is a secret dinner for Berlin-based freelancers who would like to meet like-minded people to discuss such issues, and who’d like to get a copy of Work Trips and Road Trips on top of tasty food and wine.

Check out Monika’s Kickstarter campaign here and get your seat at this very special dinner.


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