6 Best Woks at Wok to Walk

By BERLIN LOVES YOU . January 8, 2018

Wok to Walk, the DIY noodle bar, is taking over Mitte. But, what should you order?

Wok to Walk invited us to their Checkpoint Charlie branch to try out their three-step create-your-own-Asian-streetfood menu. The idea is simple: you want something quick and healthy, so you 1) Choose your noodles/rice/quinoa 2) Choose your ingredients and toppings and 3) Choose your Asia-inspired sauce.

Wok to Walk Berlin Noodles Ingredients
Photo: Urte Kaunas

They then fry up your chosen dish in a theatrical fire-wok exhibition in front of you and suddenly your food is ready.

Wok to Walk Berlin Flame
Photo: Urte Kaunas

But then, how do you choose between udon and rice noodles? Duck, pork or shiitake mushrooms? Oyster sauce or teriyaki? With 16 options for ingredients and eight sauces, plus eight base noodle/rice options… where do you start? There are 25 vegan combinations alone before you consider anything else.

Wok to Walk Berlin Noodles Spicy
Photo: Urte Kaunas

We asked Wok to Walk’s staff their favourite wok combinations.

According to the guys at Wok to Walk, their menu quickly picked up in the neighbourhood for the veggie and vegan options available, but here are their three bestsellers:

1) Quinoa (vegetarian + tofu + broccoli + cashews + Bangkok curry coconut
2) Jasmine rice + scampi + broccoli + Shiitake mushrooms + Beijing Oyster sauce
3) Egg noodles + beef + paprika mix + mushrooms + Tokyo Teriyaki

If you want the insider’s tip, here are the staff’s top three own creations:

1) Veggie dish + tofu + cashew nuts + cherry tomatoes + Hot Asia sauce
2) Whole-wheat noodles + tofu + broccoli + Hot Asia + Sesame seeds topping
3) Egg noodles + baby corn + broccoli + mixed peppers + Tokyo sauce

Wok to Walk Berlin Noodles Berlin Loves You
Hungry bloggers never face the camera. Photo: Urte Kaunas

NetWok Happy Hour for the Community – 11th of January, 6–9pm

NetWok is a local networking event (see the pun?) organised by Walk to Wok. The first edition is this Thursday at 6pm at their Zimmerstrasse location.

Join them this Thursday for an evening of conversation, a special dinner offer and free drinks, and the opportunity to generate new ideas and projects. That’s right, I said free drinks.

Wok to Walk Berlin Noodles My Dish
My concoction… with everything in it.

Wok to Walk

Zimmerstrasse 19,
10969 Berlin

Other locations:

Bikini – 2 Hardenbergplatz St.
10623 Berlin

7 Rosa-Luxemburg-Strasse
10178 Berlin


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