The War On Drugs to Soundtrack our Existential Crisis at Verti

By Allison Krupp . December 8, 2018

Nostalgic heart-busting Philly-born War on Drugs to headline new venue Verti on December 10.

It’s funny to hear much-beloved indie rockers War on Drugs somewhere outside of the plains of Kentucky or the gritty factory towns of the east coast of America. Their layered music builds a wall of impenetrable sound, of lyrics that seem strangely profound in their simplicity–like some of you reader’s favorites, “Is an old memory just another way of saying goodbye?” or I resist what I cannot change and I want to find what can’t be found.”

Every song is the music equivalent of rolling down the car window, inhaling that vaguely-sulfur stink of your hometown as you thrust your foot over the pedal and throttle yourself into that blissful infinity of whatever your future holds. It’s wide open roads, changes that swing at you hard and fast. It’s realizing that everywhere you could possibly run, wherever you turn–you still have to sit in the silence of yourself, and deal with it.

Anyway, it’ll probably be way more fun than all that at the gig, at new venue Verti. See you there, I hope. I’ll have a shoulder for you to weep on after. We can remember the good times, together.

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Verti Music Hall
Mercedes Platz
Berlin 10243


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