Jae Tyler Talks New Album & Our “Devilish Den of Debauchery”

By Allison Krupp . December 5, 2019

Shameless/Limitless celebrates 11 years of frenetic and boundary-pushing indie rock at Loophole December 6.

11 years of indie rock success: of vibrant parties and eclectic gigs and leaping around in little dank rooms, of squeezing something weird and edgy out of a city of mindless techno. This has been the Shameless/Limitless way. This Friday, they present a party to end all parties (at least until next weekend), an essential gathering of indie-lovers in that dark little wonder, Loophole.

Party starts at 21Uhr and goes all night. Get more info about the event on the Facebook page here.

And read on for our interview with Jae Tyler below! 


The lineup is as follows:

Jae Tyler (Street Pulse)

Giraffi Dog (Doom Chakra Tapes)
L. Zylberberg (Sameheads / Präsens Editionen)
Touchy (Berlin again!)

We had a chat with Jae Tyler, the Kansas-born, lo-fi pop wonder–who calls on Prince vibes to take us on a journey of sexual excess, ahead of his upcoming performance at the party.

BLY: Kansas to Berlin! Quite a shift. How do your Kansas roots inform your music?

Well I had a pretty quintessential N.E. Kansas upbringing, complete with meth-addled rednecks, rolling hills, trampoline boxing, and an ingrained love of Primus and classic rock radio. My music tastes changed drastically when I moved away at 18 and discovered the internet in college, and began making music of my own in my mid-early 20s. Although my tastes in lifestyle and music have been long-since refined, I’m sure if you listen closely you can hear a smattering of Les Claypool’s bass slappin’ around back there.

BLY: When did you come to Berlin, and what drew you into the music scene?

I reckon I came to Berlin about 4 years ago with my partner Silla (Mr. Silla). So she brought me here I suppose. I didn’t know anyone in the music “scene” here at the time. My friend Kari (Farao, Ultraflex©) was living here at the time, and after a span of a couple years’ worth of making music on our own trajectories she proposed starting a label called Street Pulse Records, on which I would be the first artist to be signed. In that regard, I wouldn’t say I was “drawn in” to the music scene, but more so that we plopped ourselves in the middle of it and sought out organisers and promoters to work with that we admire.

BLY: What do you think of the Berlin indie scene?

I like the “Berlindie” scene of which I’m a part. Too many great acts to even begin naming off. I usually just go where the action is, and Shameless/Limitless is honestly my fave when it comes to procuring and purveying parties for the populace.

BLY: Tell us a bit about your upcoming album. How does it differ from your earlier releases?

I can tell you that it’s going to be a magazine. Laid out like a Tiger-Beat, teeny mag complete with gossip sections, advice columns, connect the dots, and even an autograph section! It’s the lovechild of myself and my best friend Logan Corcoran, who is the funniest person in the world. He’s spent a long time brilliantly concocting a delectable literary morsel that perfectly compliments my 10 songs, and we’ll be releasing it on Street Pulse in Jan. 2020. Stay tuned for details about the release show.

BLY: Are you singing/writing lyrics as yourself? Is there anything specific about these tales of sexual excess and wild whimsicality etc. to life in Berlin?

I usually use characters, although it’s all pretty true to life. Only the druggy parts. And maybe a little of the sex stuff. Well, yeah. This album will dive into more details about the circumstances that have brought me to this decadent phase of my life, whilst the next album will outline my plan for how to get out of it. Berlin has fully lived up to its self-imposed reputation as a devilish den of debauchery, and has served its purpose in the creation of this album.

BLY: Where is the perfect place to listen to your music?

When you find yourself wandering around sometime. If you have headphones and Spotify© and data on your phone, or if by that time you’ve downloaded my album then just listen when you’re wandering around, preferable feeling weird and lonely in a physically dark(ish) place. Definitely feeling emo, and in need of a little pick me up.

BLY: Can you describe your live shows? What should we expect at the 11th anniversary Shameless/Limitless party?

Party time. Lewd behaviour that will free your will. Just people exploring themselves. Feeling around with their dormant enigma.

BLY: Where’s your favorite place in Berlin?

In my studio up on Stralauer Allee, by the Spree. The place itself is called Kaiku Studios and is owned by two absolutely lovely Finnish chaps named Jonas Verwijnen and Janne Lounatvuori. It’s more like a ground floor, creative complex with friends in other rooms making stuff and running around and talking to each other. Very social, but very confined. It’s perfect.

Don’t miss Jae Tyler at Loophole on Friday, December 6.

Boddinstraße 60
12053 Berlin


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