Veist X Feed: good clothes, good coffee. Men, here’s a reason to go shopping

By Sarah Luisa Santos . March 12, 2014

Veist X Feed Berlin

To me, designing menswear is not the easy alternative to womenswear that people think. Sure, the outfits can be less complicated and follow more standardised formulas compared to women’s (of course, let’s forget tailoring as this is difficult for any gender!), but menswear is difficult because most men are not particularly interested in fashion.

Men are tough consumers. Most of the time, they are very precise and clear minded about what they are looking for when shopping. In fact, more often than not, what they are looking for is to do anything BUT go shopping.

But, Feed Café have found an interesting new way for men to shop that won’t have them running for the hills (or to the nearest bar).

With the concept of ‘coffee plus shopping’, Feed Café offers high quality food and drinks imported directly from Italy, or carefully selected in Berlin, plus selected vintage menswear items by nearby clothes store Veist (also featured here).

Veist X Feed shop Berlin

With a relaxing atmosphere, perfect for a midweek break, coffee lovers can find their fit with the “Caffè Terzi”, an espresso made with Bologna beans, or, if not a coffee drinker, you can go for the “Wilde Gärtnerei” fruit juice or the Sicilian organic almond milk.

The menu also offers breakfast on the weekends (Mediterranean, vegetarian, French… take your pick), a variety of sandwiches and home-made Focaccia, filled with Italian cured meats and organic cheese.

This model has been working very well since they started it last October, and the mouth-watering treats together with fashionable outfits made the spot a must-vist for men in the Schillerkiez.

Veist X Feed cafe

Federica, owner of Feed, told us the idea just came over a cup of, of course, coffee.

“While chatting with Anna and Sandra (a.k.a. Veist), it came out that I was about to rent the free space close to my shop and they were interested in enlarging their shop to give more space to the men’s collection. The idea of mixing our business surfaced naturally; what is better than enjoying shopping while still relaxing in front of a coffee or piece of cake? And actually we are quite happy how this concept shaped up: our two styles, quite different, are perfectly melted together!”

For the boys who are interested, Feed X Veist have a selection of vintage t-shirts from 15 euros, colourful jumpers, and very stylish pairs of shoes, from sneakers to brogues.

Veist X Feed Berlin

Veist x Feed c/o Feed Café

Weisestraße 49

12049 Berlin Neukölln (300m around the corner)

Tue-Sat: 11-18Uhr

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