Ü(U)ber arriving in Berlin

By BERLIN LOVES YOU . February 4, 2013

uber2Uber, a limo service already known from the States arrived in Berlin. Last weekend we took a shot at it and what was intended to be one ride on a friday night turned out being three rides till early saturday morning.

Wonder how much it costs? Its actually not that bad… here are the prices taken from their webpage (compare to the standard Berlin taxi rates here)

Base Fare

Per Kilometer
Speed over 17,7km/h

Per Minute
Speed at or below 17,7km/h

Minimum Fare

All in all we gotta say: Uber, Berlin loves you!



1 thought on “Ü(U)ber arriving in Berlin”

  1. Where can we get more of these stickers in the picture? :-) Awesome!

    Thanks for giving us a shot and riding with us!

    See you soon?
    Daniel, Team @Uber_Berlin

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