Unrender Pt. 2: live and digital art festival

By Clio Saal . May 30, 2014

CreaturesAV_Image1Following up the successful first outing, “unrender #2” is now brought to you by art space LEHRTER SIEBZEHN and creative tech site CDM, bringing to you a free party combining a gallery opening with live performance and interactive visual design. Berlin’s leading artists and designers in installations and performances will join together for a night of networking, discovery, and audiovisual delight. The event starts on 30 May 2014 at 20.00.

The program includes Jem the Misfit / Andre Uhl, Emmanuel Pidre aka NZNZ, Rainer Kohlberger, Peter Kirn, Easton West, Marcel Schwittlick, Nenad Popov, The Vidness aka Haye Heerten, Letters are my Friends, Michael Ang and Lichtfritzen.


Peter Kirn:
Real-time and interactive visual media now cover a wider range than what many venues are able to fully present. Visuals can be used like a musical instrument, they can become a sensory experience. Digital and electronic processes can comment on themselves, make themselves visible. Berlin has an extraordinary scene for adventurous work, touching the worlds of design and music. I wanted an open format to make those connections, and to allow people to discover new work and one another. I was fortunate to find Lehrter Siebzehn as a partner in that.
For the future, more events are coming — and we can use some of the works here to tell a story about what creativity in these media can become. Artists are finding new opportunities because of the mix here, and I hope we can support that.

Unrender #2

Lehrterstr. 17 10557 Berlin


Picture 1: Creatures by Jem the Misfit/Andre Uhl

Picture 2: Nenad Popov


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