The Unbearable Lightness of Farrah Floyd

By Sarah Luisa Santos . January 14, 2015

farrah floyd berlin

The beginning of the year is full of promises and resolutions. And when it comes to mine, one of them is that I want to be more conscious about my actions and choices. I believe our actions at some degree (even if it is the smallest one) influence the world we live in. Living in Germany now for almost 3 years has led me to learn loads of things, and one of them is to consume more ethically.

Unfortunately, this is not something for all budgets but still just to know about how many designers here in Berlin are producing quality and sustainable clothes makes me believe that fashion can be also be not so crazy, profit driven and actually good for the planet.

And in one of my talks on topic, I got to know Farrah Floyd.

The brand was just born in 2014, when the designer Bojana Draca finished her Master’s degree in Sustainable Fashion at ESMOD Berlin.

I started setting the base for Farrah Floyd concept still during my Master’s studies and in the beginning of 2014 the brand was officially running. My idea was to integrate sustainable fashion ideals into the clothes. I try to make interesting and fresh pieces using sustainable design strategies and facing the limitations that come with sustainable fashion as an inspiration rather than a disadvantage.”

bojana draca

A member of the Ethical Fashion Forum, Bojana made it to the top 3 winners at the Creative Conscience Award UK 2013 and was one of the speakers at the Belgrade Design Week 2014 as an expert in sustainability in fashion.

The name of the brand, Farrah Floyd, was created by Bojana as a fictional character.

She stands for a strong woman, the one that is not afraid of change, and rather fights for it, and most of all cherishes freedom.” – almost sounds like a good new year’s resolution, don’t you think?

The clothes come as fierce as the women Bojana tries to portray: strong lines, strategically placed colors and a discreet sexiness within the shapes.

I find it interesting to draw the inspiration from the character of a person, or at least my idea of it. I like to think about what those women who lived in some different times wore and what would they wear if they were living today. Some of them will always inspire me in a way, for example Sophie Scholl, Lou Salome, Anaïs Nin and Patti Smith. But in the last collection I was more focused on strong female movie characters like in Melancholia, Bitter Moon or Unbearable Lightness of Being, just to mention a few.”

farrah floyd studio

The first Farrah Floyd collection is named ‘Out of Place’ SS15 and continues zero-waste principals, a technique initiated with her Master’s degree project Heroine Collection made in collaboration with Singtex, a company from Taiwan who invented new technology of making fabrics out of recycled coffee grounds, which marks the beginning of the development of the rectangle zero-waste technique. All the fabrics are sustainable in one way or another and the pieces are produced in Germany.

Berlin also played a big role on Bojana’s path and inspiration, as she said herself, “Berlin made me feel like I can give the best of myself. I lived here for a while, studied, got to know the city and the people, so it wasn’t hard to decide to stay and try my luck here.”

One more eco-designer that Berlin nurtures and allows to grow!

Farrah Floyd will also be showing at the Green Showroom Berlin 2015 and will be part at the Salonshow, a catwalk officially part of Mercedes Benz FW Berlin, which will start on the 19th of January.

Photo from Bojana Draca credit BDW.



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