True Italian Pizza Week – Try Berlin’s Best For Less

By Tom Taylor . October 12, 2020

For one week only, enjoy 30 of Berlin’s best pizzerias at a lovingly discounted rate.

Berlin’s pizza scene has never been better. Who needs to go to Naples when we have pizza places as good as Futura, Malafemmena and Monella? Naples’ famous Da Michele restaurant has even just opened a branch in Schöneberg. The pizza scene has been given a much-needed kick up the arse, and everyone selling slices in the city has had to seriously up their game. And they have.

Berlin’s biggest supporters of Italian cuisine, True Italian, are enthusiastic pizza evangelists. They do much to celebrate Italian food around the city, putting on events that essentially say ‘hey, this restaurant is amazing – go there!’.

Their True Italian Pizza Week celebrates the city’s finest pizza restaurants. It returns to Berlin between October 15th-21st. 30 restaurants across the city – hand-picked by the True Italian team – are offering you the chance to try their best pizzas (along with an Aperol Spritz or soft drink) for the highly reasonable price of 12€.

Prometeo 5
Schöneberg’s Prometeo, which is taking part in True Italian Pizza Week

We’ve been loving True Italian Pizza Week for years, and I guess they noticed – we’re now media partners for the event. A big difference this year though is that True Italian have taken their concept Germany-wide – there will be participating restaurants in most major German cities.

How does True Italian Pizza Week work?

Between October 15th-21st, 30 ‘True Italian’ restaurants will be participating in the event across Berlin. Each will offer two varieties of pizza, each one representing the regional ingredients and cooking traditions which inspire them.

You’ll be able to order one of these pizzas and either an Aperol Spritz or soft drink for just 12€.

Not a bad offer, eh? The best thing is that you can fall into your favourite local pizzeria, test out one of Berlin’s big names, or head out into the pizza-unknown by picking one at random, all without breaking the bank.

Here’s a map of all the participating restaurants:


Click here to see the full-size map.

Participating pizzerias

Restaurants and their menus:


Marina Blu

📌Weinbergsweg 8a, 10119 Berlin
🕠Everyday 12-23
🍕White pizza with porcini mushrooms and taleggio cheese OR Pizza with salsiccia, friarielli and cacio cavallo fondue + Aperol Spritz


📌Templiner Str. 7, 10119 Berlin
🕠Tuesday-Friday 18-24, Saturday-Sunday 13-24 (upon reservation only)
🍕Pizza Salami with tomato sauce, fior di latte and Napoli salami OR Pizza Vegana with tomato sauce and mixed seasonal vegetables + Aperol Spritz

Tiny’s Pizza @ Piccolo Giardino

📌Rosenthaler Str. 36, 10178 Berlin (Rosenhöfe)
🕠Monday-Saturday 17-22, closed on Sunday
🍕Marinara Pecorino & Parmigiano with tomato sauce, cherry tomatoes, oregano, basil, garlic, olive oil, parmigiano and pecorino (vegan option available) OR Margherita Salsiccia with tomato sauce, fior di latte, basil, parmigiano, fennel salsiccia and olive oil + Aperol Spritz



📌Arminiusstr. 2-4, 10551 Berlin (in the Arminius Markthalle)
🕠Everyday 12-18, from 18 to 23 only to-go
🍕Pizza with fior di latte and Caserta black pork lard OR Pizza Ortolana with fior di latte and baked eggplants, zucchini and peppers (also available vegan) + unfiltered Ichnusa beer



📌Brandenburgische Str. 35, 10707 Berlin
🕠Monday-Saturday 11-17.30, Sunday 17-24
🍕Pizza with tomato sauce, mozzarella, fresh escarole and lard from Colonnata OR white pizza with mozzarella, walnut cream, duck carpaccio and pistachios from Bronte + Aperol Spritz


📌Kurfürstendamm 90, 10709 Berlin
🕠Monday-Saturday 12-23, Sunday 16-22
🍕Focaccia alla zucca with roasted bacon, pumpkin sticks, walnuts and mascarpone OR Focaccia melanzane e bufala spicy eggplants with buffalo mozzarella and extra-virgin oil + Aperol Spritz


Rosso Pinsa Romano Berlin Slice
📌Helmholtzstr. 24, 10587 Berlin
🕠Monday-Friday 11:30-14:30 and 18-21, closed on Saturday and Sunday
🍕Pinsa with salami from Calabria and broccoli OR Pinsa Arrabbiata with hot tomato sauce, pecorino cheese, garlic and chillies + red or white wine or soft drink


Come va va

📌Danziger Str. 144, 10407 Berlin
🕠Tuesday and Saturday 17-23, Thursday-Friday 12-23, Sunday 14-22, closed on Monday and Wednesday
🍕La Piccantina with tomato sauce, mozzarella, spicy spianata romana salami and 4 cheese cream OR La Contadina with tomato sauce, mozzarella, mushrooms, artichokes und cherry tomatoes (also vegan without mozzarella) + Aperol Spritz

La Margherita

📌Danziger Str. 35, 10435 Berlin
🕠Tuesday-Sunday 17-23, closed on Monday
🍕La Ligure with mozzarella, basil pesto and cherry tomatoes OR La Zuccotta with mozzarella, pumpkin cream, bacon, ricotta and zucchini + Aperol Spritz

Malafemmena P-Berg

📌Danziger Str. 16, 10435 Berlin
🕠Monday and Wednesday-Sunday 16-23, closed on Tuesday
🍕Pizza with goat cheese cream, caramelized Tropea onions, provola cheese and rocket OR Pizza with tomato sauce, mozzarella, spicy spianata salami and ricotta flakes + Aperol Spritz

Mami Camilla

📌Hufelandstr. 36, 10407 Berlin
🕠Monday-Friday 17-23, Saturday-Sunday 12-23
🍕Pizza with pumpkin cream, fior di latte, salsiccia and gorgonzola OR Pizza Marinara with vegetables and salted ricotta + Aperol Spritz


📌Eberswalder Str. 21, 10437
🕠Thursday-Sunday 17-22:30, closed on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday
🍕Pizza Porcini e Patate with porcini mushroom sauce, rosemary roasted potatoes, mozzarella Fior d’Agerola and Parmigiano Reggiano (24 months aged) OR Pizza Porcini e Salciccia di Norcia with porcini mushroom sauce, Norcia’s sausage, mozzarella Fior d’Agerola and Parmigiano Reggiano (24 months aged)
VEGAN OPTION: Vegan Pizza Porcine e Patate (+3 €) with porcini mushroom sauce, rosemary roasted potatoes, bio vegan mozzarella + Aperol Spritz

Pizza Nostra

📌Lychener Str. 2, 10437 Berlin
🕠Everyday 17-21
🍕Pizza with mozzarella, ricotta cream, salami, scamorza cheese and pepper OR Pizza with mozzarella, ricotta cream, zucchini, rocket and pepper + soft drink or beer


Amici amici

📌Mehringdamm 40, 10961 Berlin
🕠Every day 15-22:30 (upon reservation only)
🍕Pizza with tomato sauce, mozzarella, porcini mushrooms, scamorza cheese and sausage OR Pizza with tomato, mozzarella, fresh spinach, gorgonzola and walnuts + Aperol Spritz

Il Pizzaiolo

📌Schlesische Str. 28, 10997 Berlin
🕠Everyday 12-22
🍕Donna Sophia with zucchini cream, fior di latte, anchovies and yellow Piennolo tomatoes from Vesuvio OR Positana with pumpkin cream, smoked provola, salsiccia and thyme + Aperol Spritz


📌Monumentenstr. 26, 10965 Berlin
🕠Tuesday-Sunday 17-23, closed on Monday
🍕Pizza with mozzarella, Norcina salsiccia, sautéed Chiodini mushrooms and raw parmesan OR pizza with mozzarella, soft goat cheese, beetroot cream and walnuts + Aperol Spritz

Parma di ViniBenedetti

📌Wrangelstraße 90, 13347 Berlino
🕠Everyday 12-24
🍕Pizza with mozzarella, rocket, fresh tomato, pecorino cheese and pancetta OR Pizza with tomato, mozzarella and peppers + Aperol Spritz


📌Grimmstr. 1, 10967 Berlin
🕠Monday-Friday 15-22, Saturday 13-22, Sunday 12-22
🍕The Black Pecorina with yellow tomato sauce, anchovies‚ nduja and pecorino OR Die Heiße Vegane with green sauce, season veggies, garden herbs, almond ricotta and hot chili + beer

Zerostress Pizza

📌Lausitzer Platz 10, 10997 Berlin
🕠Everyday 17-22
🍕Calzone Tradizionale with ricotta, provola, pancetta and spicy salami OR Calzone Primavera with ricotta, rocket, dried tomatoes, olives and pecorino + Aperol Spritz



📌Bänschstr. 91, 10247 Berlin
🕠Offer available on: Tuesday-Thursday 17-23 (upon reservation only), Friday-Sunday 17-19, closed on Monday
🍕Pizza Futura with San Marzano tomato sauce, buffalo mozzarella, provolone del Monaco and basil OR Pizza Salame with San Marzano tomato sauce, mozzarella, basil and Napoli salami + Aperol Spritz

Il Trio

📌Simon-Dach-Str. 39, 10245 Berlin
🕠Everyday 12-24
🍕White pizza with mortadella, pistachio grains and buffalo stracciatella OR Pizza Bufalina with buffalo mozzarella, cherry tomatoes and basil + Aperol Spritz

Tom n’ Jerry

📌Proskauer Str. 13, 10247 Berlin
🕠Everyday 16-23
🍕Pizza Calabria with fiordilatte mozzarella, tomato sauce and salami from Calabria OR Pizza Vegi with fiordilatte mozzarella, tomato sauce and grilled vegetables + Aperol Spritz

Zerostress Pizza

📌Colbestraße 3, 10247 Berlin
🕠Everyday 17-22
🍕Pizza Bufala Lovers with tomato sauce, buffalo mozzarella, artichokes and coppa OR Pizza Veggie Bufala with tomato sauce, buffalo mozzarella, artichokes and olives + beer



Monella V 1
📌Weichselstr. 17, 12045 Berlin
🕠Monday and Wednesday-Sunday 18-24, closed on Tuesday
🍕Pizza Monella with San Marzano tomatoes, fior di latte mozzarella from Agerola, Pachino tomatoes, fresh basil and buffalo mozzarella OR Pizza Zio Pepe with fior di latte mozzarella from Agerola, caciocavallo, pecorino and burratina + Aperol Spritz


L’Antica Pizzeria Da Michele

📌Fritz-Reuter-Str. 7, 10827 Berlin
🕠Monday-Saturday 17-23, Sunday 15-23
🍕Fried pizza in the oven with tomato sauce, mozzarella, cicoli, raw ricotta flakes, pecorino and basil OR Pizza Ortolana with tomato sauce, mozzarella, fried aubergines, peppers and friarielli (also available vegan) + Aperol Spritz


📌Gotenstr. 18, 10829 Berlin
🕠Monday-Friday 12-23, Saturday-Sunday 16-23
🍕Pizza with fior di latte, pumpkin cream, gorgonzola and fennel sausage OR Pizza with fior di latte, pecorino cream, mushrooms and radicchio + Aperol Spritz


Prometeo 4
📌Goebenstr. 3, 10783 Berlin
🕠Tuesday-Sunday 12-22, closed on Monday
🍕Pizza Tuscania with tomato sauce, mozzarella, homemade fennel sausage and Tuscan pecorino ODER Pizza Bufala&Pomodorini with tomato sauce, buffalo mozzarella and fresh cherry tomatoes + Aperol Spritz


📌Goltzstraße 36, 10781 Berlin
🕠Everyday 12-19
🍕Pizza Salina with tomato sauce, anchovies and capers OR Pizza Sironi Special with mozzarella, saffron and sausage + Aperol Spritz

Trattoria Muntagnola

📌Fuggerstraße 27, 10777 Berlin
🕠Everyday 17-23
🍕Pizza with mozzarella, mortadella and pistachio pesto OR Pizza with pumpkin cream, pesto from Basilicata and figs + Aperol Spritz

Malafemmena Schöneberg

📌Hauptstr. 85, 12159 Berlin
🕠Monday and Wednesday-Friday 16.30-23, Saturday-Sunday 12-23, closed on Tuesday
🍕Pizza Papaccelle with fiordilatte, papacelle (typical Neapolitan peppers), olives, capers, anchovies and basil (also vegetarian) OR Fried pizza in the oven with nduja cream, ricotta and basil + Aperol Spritz

What does it mean to be ‘True Italian’?

Although the event is sponsored by the Municipality of Napoli, you don’t have to be Italian to get the coveted title of ‘True Italian’ in Berlin. It’s political correctness gone mad!

No, it all comes down to ingredient choice (the best, of course), the actual time the dough is left to rise (at least 9 hours), and the oven used to fire the pizzas to perfection in seconds. Needs to taste good un’ all.

True Italian Pizza Week 2020: October 15th to 21st
View the full-size map of participating restaurants here.
Find True Italian Pizza Week 2020 on Facebook.
Visit the True Italian website.


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