Transport to Another World – KOOKOO Friday at OHM feat. Jaures

By John Perye . September 4, 2014

Reaching a certain atmosphere will morph any average night into a supremely extraordinary experience. Lighting, visuals, and sound all play a key factor in transporting a being into seemingly distant worlds. This is also brought out through the constant dialogue between artists within a space, and more importantly, the dialogue with the audience. Kookooo has set the stage for exactly this at the OHM Gallery, located inside a defunct power plant in Köpenicker Straße, on Friday, September 5th.

Led by Japanese sound artist Mieko Suzuki and Ara, alias Arno Raffeiner, Kookoo is a self-described night “built on electronic music” which includes “visual art and conceptual image design, all of which are based on a carefully chosen song quote that sets a different mood and provides a fitting motto each time.” The quote this time around is from French duo, Deux, who in 1983 sang, “You can be someone if you grow with me…”

Jaures2Making this night special with be one of the very first “reappearances” of Jaures. For a quick history lesson, click here. Jaures has just released an EP on Live At Robert Johnson’s sublabel, Die Orakel, entitled, Tsoyberbarg. The duo of self-professed ingenious dilettantes keep a low profile but their music has already been featured on a mix Roman Flügel put together for Groove Magazine as well as on a Resident Advisor podcast by Oliver Hafenbauer.

Carly Fisher (flyer artwork)Music is just part of the whole. From Osaka, Japan, and a resident of Berlin since 2012, visual artist Naomi Takaki will use a specially developed light sculpture to, “transform all the sonic inputs of this Kookoo night into dots glowing in space, continuously blazing up and blown out just like the endless succession of unique moments in time we have learned to call history.” Vesselin Atanassov, from Bulgaria, who lives and works in Plovdiv and Berlin, and Yukihiro Taguchi, also from Osaka but living in Berlin since 2005, will both present video installations that in part will be created live on the spot. Carly Fischer from Melbourne, Australia, designed the paper sculpture, shown above, which will also be presented in a big light box at OHM.

Along with Jaures, Mieko Suzuki and Ara will be providing the soundscapes.

Friday, September 5th at 10 PM

OHM Gallery – Köpenicker Straße 70, 10179 Berlin

For more information on the artists:

NAOMI TAKAKI (light sculpture)

VESSELIN ATANASSOV (video installation)

(video installation)

CARLY FISCHER (flyer artwork)


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