Tom’s Gig Guide #14 – Indie Rock Overload!

By Tom Taylor . May 4, 2017

Berlin’s live music schedule is as unrelenting as ever this week, especially if you’re an indie rock fan. There’s unmissable gigs happening every night, which should neatly disguise BLY’s beer drinking habit for another week. Read on to find out where you should be this week.

Thursday May 4th

Ducks! / Leoprrrds / Party Fears @ Loophole

Aussie-Berliners Ducks! are celebrating the launch of their second collection of woozy, dancey songs at Loophole this evening. Ducks! Are on something of a role at the moment – their debut album won an Australian Music Prize long list nomination and they’re heading to Malta soon to act as artists in residence. They bring with them a stellar supporting cast of local talent in the form of dream-rock trio Leoprrds and fem-pop-punk Party Fears. Entry is €5-7 and beer is cheap. You know what to do.

Get your info here.

Friday May 5th

Meat Wave + Girlie @ Musik & Frieden

Chicago’s a city that knows a thing or two about noise. Shellac, Ministry, Naked Raygun – there’s some history there. Meat Wave represent the new(ish) breed of noisy rockers coming out of the Second City. They brew up the kind of nasty pulse-racing punk that’s sure to knock us out of our May 1st-induced daze. They ram home their songs with plenty of melody bolted on, as all the best bands do. Support comes from scrappy Berlin-indie-punks Girlie, who always put on a good show. Almost exactly two years ago, Berlin was treated to a night featuring this powerful line-up down at Bei Ruth in Neukölln. We’re extremely grateful for the chance to relive that night!

Let’s get noisy.

Sunday 7th May

Camp Claude @ Kantine am Berghain

Camp Claude is a powerful and innovative trio that twist and turn in ways BLY can hardly keep up with. Nestled comfortably between pop, rock and electro, Camp Claude have crafted an intriguing mixture of sounds and sensations which is evident on their debut album ‘Swimming Lessons’, which they’ll perform this night in Kantine am Berghain.

Wanna go? We have 3×2 tickets up for grabs – send an email to win@staging-berlinlovesyou.kinsta.cloud and we’ll pass them on.

The Facebook event is here.

Monday May 8th

The Big Moon @ Kantine am Berghain

BLY knows its indie rock, and if you follow our lead, you’ll never go wrong. Instantly likeable and immediately fun, The Big Moon caught our ears a few months ago supporting Foxygen at Columbia Theatre. It’s been a long time since BLY saw such a convincingly good indie band. Particularly one that rocks as much as The Big Moon do. They’ve just released their debut album ‘Love In The 4th Dimension’ which is up there with the best debuts you’ll hear this year. PLUS they’ve got a Welsh drummer which wins them big points with BLY. Check out the above video and get on down to Kantine am Berghain this Monday.

All the info is here.

Tuesday May 9th

Happyness @ Musik & Frieden

It’s quite a week for indie music in Berlin! Did we mention that? London-based Happyness immediately caught our ears with their quirky take on indie all the way back in 2014. A trio of multi-instrumentalists, Happyness keep things interesting by transcending typical Pavement-meets-Grandaddy-meets-Sparklehorse indie rock influences. Tonight’s gig is a bargain at only €13 VKK.

Full details here.

Wednesday May 10th

Grundhass + Daniel Decker @ Die Weisse Rose

…Speaking of bargains – culture centre Die Weisse Rose in Schöneberg plays host to an excellent night of free music every Wednesday. Tonight they’re putting on two quirky local songwriters that are worth catching. Daniel Decker creates an intriguing mix of weird outsider pop, that first grabbed BLY’s attention in the badlands of Brandenburg last year at AaahhLive! music festival. Alongside Decker is Grundhass, who’s just been supporting fellow odd-popper Beans on Toast on tour.

The Facebook event is here.


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