Things to do: Weekend gallery hopping – art & free drinks

By BERLIN LOVES YOU . September 8, 2008

Alright. So it`s a friday or saturday night at any given weekend in Berlin. You feel like some art and a bit more like some free drinks?

Well how about hitting the streets in Mitte and Prenzlauer Berg as well as a lot of other parts of the city and checking out some openings?

There are two ways to do it.

1. Plan it by checking online which openings are going on
2. Just hit the road and see what you get into

How do I find a gallery opening? Well usually it is a crowd of people standing in front of some large white room, smoking, talking and drinking. Hit the crowd, have a beer or some champagne and have a look at the huge variety of art you will get to see especially in Mitte.

Being out last friday night I got to see this. You may decide whether it is real or not!


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