The Berlin Zoo Feeding Times

By Catherine J. Fehre . August 27, 2013

Gorillafütterung 4
Are you one of those zoo visitors, who always regrets missing out on the animals’ eating their lunch? This will not happen to you in Berlin!
If you want the chance to see some adorable/awesome zoo animals getting fed, this is your chance! Visit the Der Hauptstadt Zoo Berlin and get a little closer to some of the creatures who call Berlin their home.

10:30 Eisbären (Polar bears)
11:00 Seebären (Fur seals)
11:30 Gorillas
12:00 Affen (Tropenhaus) (Monkeys)
13:30 Seehunde (Harbor seals)
Orang-Utans (Orangutans)
13:45 Königspinguine (King penguins)
14:00 Wölfe, Hyänenhunde (Wolves, African hunting dogs)
Nasenbären (Coatis)
Braunbären (Brown bears)
Affen (Tropenhaus) (Monkeys)
14:15 Flusspferde (Hippopotamuses)
14:30 Raubtiere  (Carnivores)
Pelikane (Pelicans)
16:00 Affen (Tropenhaus) (Monkeys)

Gorillafütterung 5

For more info and specifics on the feeding times, visit the site here.

Zoologischer Garten, Berlin
Hardenbergplatz 8, 10787
Tel. +49 (0) 30 254010
Opening times: 9:00am – 7:00pm


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