Take a Trip with Mystical Communication Service at Acud Macht Neu

By John Perye . December 2, 2014

How would you like to take a trip to another world and not even have to go beyond Berlin city limits? If you’re up to the challenge, the Mystical Communication Service is ready to fly you there.  Their new LP, The Marvelous Space Adventures of John Blue, is a seven track road map to psychedelic galaxies of the mind. Can you get to that? Berlin Loves You caught up with the band on the super highway to find out more.

How would you describe your sound?

MCS represents an enchanted excursion into a nomadic world, where the concepts of sanity and self-awareness fade away. The band creates an ethereal soundscape, leaving you adrift in a haze of desire and dream-like apparitions.

Where and when did it all start for the band?

Started in Berlin in the mid/end of 2012.

mcs couch1
What is The Marvelous Space Adventures of John Blue all about?

The Marvelous Space Adventures of John Blue follows its fictional protagonist on his own voyage of self-discovery and expanded consciousness. Moments of tender reflection and warmth. ​

What attracts you to play live in Berlin?

​Berlin today, is a multicultural city experiencing continuous changes, and our sound and evolution are therefore, shaped and molded in large by them as a result.

the release of The Marvelous Space Adventures of John Blue this Thursday, December 4th, at Acud Macht Neu. Support for MCS will come from Berlin’s minimal jazz core group, Metronom. 21:00


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