Politaoke is Karaoke for When You’re Drunk (On Power)

sudblock Politaoke 2

Can you give a political speech better than Trump? Honnecker? Churchill? Gandhi? On Thursday, August 24th, Südblock lets you do just that, and without having to face any of those pesky political/moral ramifications that often come along political speeches. Politaoke is a karaoke party, but instead of drunkenly singing Bohemian Rhapsody or trying to show … Read more Politaoke is Karaoke for When You’re Drunk (On Power)

A Quick Chat with Prosumer


Ahead of his show for Hot Plate @ Fluxbau in Berlin this Friday, I sat down yesterday with Achim Brandenburg, better known as house music hero ‘Prosumer’, to see how he was doing. 1. Let’s start with the most crazy or exotic gig you’ve had in the last year? Let’s say Dimensions Festival this year … Read more A Quick Chat with Prosumer

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