Politaoke is Karaoke for When You’re Drunk (On Power)

By Jonathan Epstein . August 22, 2017

Can you give a political speech better than Trump? Honnecker? Churchill? Gandhi?

On Thursday, August 24th, Südblock lets you do just that, and without having to face any of those pesky political/moral ramifications that often come along political speeches.

Politaoke is a karaoke party, but instead of drunkenly singing Bohemian Rhapsody or trying to show off your best Radiohead impression, you can drunkenly hold an Obama speech and inspire a nation, or perfect the “oops-i-glued-my-fingers-together” look of Angela Merkel political integrity.

Politaoke at Sudblock

Hell, maybe this can be the impetus you need to start your political career. After all, it doesn’t seem like politicians or speech givers need much more than a nice Twitter account or good looks (I’m looking at you, Trudeau) to get elected. And what better characteristic to add to your Tinder account than, “I give better Obama speeches than Obama.”

Politaoke at Sudblock 2

You’ll also have the chance to really sink your teeth into these world-changing speeches and see exactly what makes them tick, how politicians use their rhetoric to galvanize countries.

Since 2007, people have been turning political speeches into karaoke. See if you have what it takes to sway the masses!

Politaoke at Sudblock 3

Find out more on their Facebook event page.

By Jonathan Epstein.

Thursday August 24th
Admiralstraße 1-2
10999 Berlin


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