OmNom Chocolate: It’s SO Berlin Yet You Can’t Get It Here

BERLIN LOVES YOU OmNom Chocolate Assorted

Do you ever see something and say to yourself: that’s so effing Berlin? Well, this Icelandic chocolate brand is more Berlin than a septum-pierced, black-jeaned, Fjällräven-bagged girl stubbing a rollie into an empty Club Mate bottle whilst complaining in English about all the tourists we have now. And do you know what? You can’t even … Read more OmNom Chocolate: It’s SO Berlin Yet You Can’t Get It Here

Luxus International

Luxus International

Alrighty, we are selling our BERLIN LOVES YOU Shirts in a number of selected shops. In a littel series we will introduce those shops here. Each one has its own special thing going on. So lets start with Luxus International a little store on Kastanienallee that sells hand made things from Berlin. You will find … Read more Luxus International

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