Copenhagen and the Art of Taking Photos for Blogs

Berlin Loves You Huawei P9 Plus Copenhagen Fish

Copenhagen, you’re the end, gone and made me a child again. Being a writer, the most exciting prospect is getting to travel to write. Getting paid to holiday. The dream. But there’s always been an obstacle to this: you have to also document your trip with photographs. And I’m probably the most incapable photographer around. … Read moreCopenhagen and the Art of Taking Photos for Blogs

Wileyfox: the Sterni of the Smartphone Market


With the launch of the iPhone 7, it’s easy to think that not much has changed in the cellphone market, except for the rising costs of smartphones. But there’s a new kid on the proverbial block. Boasting the Spark, Swift and the Storm, Wileyfox is a UK-based company that prides itself on making surprisingly well-functioning … Read moreWileyfox: the Sterni of the Smartphone Market

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