Berlin’s Hidden German Food Gems

Best German Restaurants Zum Kleinen Markthalle

In Berlin, the really special German food is hard to find… especially when everyone’s chasing the next Kimchi bar. Here are our secret tips. This is German food you won’t regret later on. And it’s tastier than it looks. 1. Zur kleinen Markthalle Open since 1888, Zur Kleinen Markthalle is a Berlin restaurant with a … Read more Berlin’s Hidden German Food Gems

Schwammerl: It’s German Food… But Better

Berlin Loves You Schwammerl Outside 2

You know on Trainspotting when Ewan McGregor sinks into the carpet? That happened to me the other day… but I wasn’t shooting up on a dirty apartment floor, I was tasting Spargelsuppe at Bavarian/Austrian restaurant, Schwammerl, in Weichselstrasse, Neukölln. After just one spoonful, I was plunged head-first into a swimming pool of it, drowning in … Read more Schwammerl: It’s German Food… But Better

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