Support Grease and Love with BERLIN LOVES YOU’s Burger

By Andrew Cottrill . July 13, 2016

Not only do we have the best burger guide in town, we also now have the best burger. The BERLIN LOVES YOU Burger. Probably the best burger ever conceived. Why? Because we conceived it.

Yeah, we’re pretty proud of ourselves. Not only because it’s delicious and (semi) nutritious, but also because it’s a force for good in the world. For every BERLIN LOVES YOU Burger you eat, €1 goes to Berlin charity Give Something Back to Berlin’s Open Air Art Shelter project.

Right now I know you’re probably bent over a toilet, desperately trying to void that poor falafel you called “lunch” in anticipation of trying our creation. But, before you make room for a BERLIN LOVES YOU Burger, I’ll tell you the most important piece of information: where you can get it. The burger is available throughout the whole of July at Hard Rock Cafe, Kurfürstendamm 224. Go. Go now.

So, what’s in this BERLIN LOVES YOU Burger? Served in a Kaiser roll, the beef patty comes served with caramelised onions, Swiss cheese, bacon, rucola/rocket/arugula/whatever and topped with hot and tangy Java Lava sauce, served with a side order of doing something good for the world.

The Good Cause: GSBTB’S Open Air Art Shelter.

The Open Art Shelter is an outdoors project to bring children from all walks of life together, from locals, migrants and those from vulnerable groups. It will introduce children to the outdoors, gardening, arts, crafts and all types of creativity to be had in the calming, healing background of nature.

BERLIN LOVES YOU Give Something Back to Berlin

Give Something Back to Berlin hopes to create a safe and creative space for the free expression of emotions and thoughts, intercultural dialogue and trauma healing. It’ll also give the kids a chance to get into urban gardening, and learn something about how to grow things like plants, fruit and vegetables, as well as a love for this city’s green urban areas.

Kids, getting outdoors, getting mucky, mixing together and learning. That’s it.

This is part of Hard Rock’s goal to donate $10,000,000 USD to local, property driven partnerships around the world by the year 2021. Now, I might be being a little presumptive, but I’m totally, absolutely, 100% sure that the BERLIN LOVES YOU burger will account for almost 6/8ths of that figure.

You’ve got till the 31st of July to enjoy this BERLIN LOVES YOU Burger. After that, you’ll only have mouth-watering memories.

Giving back has never been so delicious.

Hard Rock Cafe
Kurfürstendamm 224
10719 Berlin
Visit Hard Rock Cafe Berlin’s Website.

Give Something Back to Berlin
Visit Give Something Back to Berlin’s Website.


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