Steady Holiday Brings Nightmarish Dream Pop to Monarch

By Allison Krupp . October 23, 2018

Los Angeles-based Steady Holiday brings ominous, ghostly dream-pop to Monarch on October 23.

Tickets: only 9.90! Buy here.

October is a ghoulish month. It’s one of hollowing a crater out in your bed, wrapping yourself in thick blankets and gazing enormous eyes out at that strange, grey drizzle. We’re in preparation, now. 4 p.m. darkness. Crushing weight of winter sads. It’s all sweeping over us, saying, “Shhh. There’s nothing you can do, now.”

If there was any essential soundtrack to this rather fear-filled hermiting-one’s-self-away, it’s Steady Holiday’s newest album—the aptly titled Nobody’s Watching. It’s a strange, rather uncomfortable album, calling to mind eerie David Lynch-ian soundtracks and aching nostalgia. And there’s even a bit of murder, etched into the lyrics—if you listen hard enough.

Dre Babinski is the stunning artist at the helm of Steady Holiday, a woman with previous experience working with fun. and opening for the likes of Mitski and Clap Your Hands Say Yeah. Her voice is sweet and soft and lilting, rather like memories of your mother singing you lullabies as you drift away to sleep. But in Nobody’s Watching, these lullabies craft a world of fear and apprehension—a world in which evil is the only mainstay.

steady holidayNobody’s Watching isn’t one-note petrified and angst-filled, however. Love and Pressure is an almost dance-y track, while Trapping Season is playful and country westernized, almost winking at you through its dark lyrics: “I set a trap out in the woods//Not knowing what I’m gonna catch…//It could be you we’re eating next//If they caught me I’d confess//Til then I’ll keep setting traps.”

Steady Holiday is a can’t-miss event tonight at Monarch, a perfect gig for such a drizzly day. Dre Babinski is a unique artist—miles away from her sunny Los Angeles home. Let’s give her a proper Berlin welcome, for she seems to recognize our innermost hearts and minds.

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Skalitzer Str. 134
10999 Berlin


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