Statistics of Berlin Part III: Where are all the young people living?

By Catherine J. Fehre . December 10, 2013

The average ages throughout Berlin

Berlin has tons of young people running around for one reason or another, but here’s where you can find most of them (or avoid them).

Mitte has become the main neighborhood for younger people, with an average age of 36 (while 42.9 is the average age in Berlin). The reason for this is that many businesses are in this area and employing younger people, who want to live close to where they work. Also, Mitte has become a popular scene for trendy stores and cool bars, which has been attracting a more vibrant crowd.

By Osloer Straße in Wedding, there are proportionally more teenagers with one out of every ten (out of 13,073) being between the ages of 15 and 18. Steglitz is the opposite with one out of every ten (2,346 out of 20,493) older than 65.

The age of citizens in the West and the East

The West, however, is generally older than the East. The average age in the West is about 44.5 years old, while the East is about 42.5 years old, making the West 2.3 years older on average. However, it used to be that the East was one year older than the West. Even though Berlin is aging, the city is not as old as Germany all together. Germany is about five years older since 1990, while Berlin is just under four years older due to new births and younger people moving into the city.

The amount of men (blue) throughout Berlin compared to women (brown) with a mean of 100

On a slight side note, women have become the majority in Berlin, as there are 67,602 more women (at 1,778,512) in the city as men (at 1,710,910). 20 years ago, this was not the case, since the genders were more balanced in numbers with the amount of men being slightly higher.

Sources: BZ Berlin, Statistik Berlin Brandenburg


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