Solar Sound System is an Off-Grid DJ Booth for Lovers of Sun

By Brendan Power . April 12, 2017

Solar Sound System is taking power-pedaled and solar-panel DJ sets to new heights, with your crowdfunding help.

Go on, admit it, unless you’re a goth, you probably went a little bit weak at the knees the last two weeks when you looked at the weather forecast and saw that magic 20-degree Celsius threshold being broken for the first times this year. I know I did. While Friday was spent cooped up at the office, Saturday’s warm sunshine two weeks ago, and last Sunday’s lazy vibes brought with them all the benefits we Berliners tend to take for granted by late June, namely the ability to exit the home wearing only shorts and sandals and a t-shirt.While the last two weekend’s warm, sunny weather was just a preview for the upcoming summer season, there’s another outdoor benefit to the Berlin summer that is getting ready to return to your consciousness – outdoor music. Into this world steps a brave new hero, looking to satisfy your open air musical desires, while remaining totally ‘off-grid’ and environmentally friendly. Introducing Solar Sound System, an off-grid DJ booth, whose goal is to put more music on the streets and parks outside Berlin, using only renewable energy, from solar panels and pedal-power. To make this happen however, your help is needed to support their crowdfunding initiative over on StartNext.
Solar Sound System is an NGO which started in 1999 in Switzerland, and was followed by new antennae in Paris, Lausanne, Marseille and now many more. It also has a web radio which features live broadcasting from each of their antennae. Two months ago, a team in Berlin was founded which consists of two French guys Roman and Julien, along with Oscar from Mexico. They are looking to raise $7,200 to bring one of their systems to Berlin, with 85% of funds going towards the equipment. If you love sunshine, outdoor music and good times, head over to their StartNext page and check out the great rewards on offer in exchange for your help making this project come to life. The diagram below explains how the system works.

With international support in the past coming from the likes of Massilia Soundsystem, Coldcut, Sayag Jazz Machine, and Martina Topley Bird, we can’t wait to see who it attracts when it arrives to Berlin. There is also a big party planned for Berlin, with more info here. Check out the video below for more info.


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