Shameless/Limitless & The Chop Log Out Of Internet Explorer

By Allison Krupp . November 26, 2019

Internet Explorer, Neukölln’s gritty and beloved music venue, is closing its final tab this December.

Shameless/Limitless and The Chop feature one last mega-party on November 30 in the smoky dank wonder that is Internet Explorer, with venue and community favorites new and old.

Come. Dance your socks off. Live as wild and free as Internet Explorer has always allowed. Not everything lasts forever. (We wish this could, though.) 

Facebook Event Here: November 30 @ 20 – December 1 @ 7

The line-up is as follows:

John Moods (Mansions and Millions)

Gigolo Tears


Along with DJs:

Lolsnake (Weeeirdos)

happy new tears (No Shade)

No Drama

Internet Explorer’s closing is a devastating thing indeed (look out for a mid-December final hurrah). Shameless/Limitless has brought life and breath to this foggy warehouse—and is therefore essential in crafting one of its big goodbyes. See you there.


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