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By Sarah Luisa Santos . January 27, 2015

weekend barber

I must say that during Fashion Week I did not attend so many events, I actually only ended up going to the Fashion Tech Berlin and got a sneak peek into the Seek Exhibition.

As I was walking through the stands, most of them for menswear, only a few brands did get my attention. And, as if there was an ironic twist of fate, I ended up talking to brands coming all from Portugal, my dear language compatriots.

The first brand I got to know was Weekend Barber. Shown to me by the designer, Daniela Correia, the brand is focused on women’s shoes but with a Tomboy style going on.

The design seems quite simple, but the work with colors and experimentation with new lines in traditional brogues is what made these shoes more interesting. Correia has a very modern approach to old fashioned shoes, experimenting a lot with graphical elements and materials, such as goat leather. When I asked if she had already a sales point here in Berlin, the answer was unfortunately “not yet”.

susana bettencourt

Walking further into the fair, I met Susana Bettencourt, a Portuguese designer with work full of strong and colorful prints, result of her years of working for a print studio in London. With every piece produced by her studio in Portugal, from the prints to the clothes patterns, Susana has quite a feminine approach to fashion, but nonetheless very fierce. Her knitting is also quite extraordinary, mixing colors and forms in a very contemporary way that even Lady Gaga has become one of her clients (not sure up to what extent this is good or bad, but still no publicity is bad publicity right?).

daniela barros


Lastly I got acquainted with the designer Daniela Barros, who definitely has more of that Berlin minimalistic style, with deconstructed shapes and androgynous silhouettes. This brand is a bit more established in Portugal and the UK, according to the sales assistant Mark.

For those savvy style hunters always looking for something new, apparently Portuguese fashion is in vogue right now!

The brands’ contacts are below.

Weekend Barber : http://www.weekendbarber.com

Susana Bettencourt: http://www.susanabettencourt.com

Daniela Barros: http://danieladbarros.tumblr.com



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