Schillerkiez: One Kiez to Rule Them All?

By Allison Krupp . June 13, 2017

Few Berlin neighborhoods exude “cool” like Schillerkiez.

Situated in the southern haze of Neukölln, it’s guarded, sealed off: all racing cars on Hermannstraße on one edge and impenetrable nothingness in that daydream-y Tempelhofer Feld on the other.

“Stumbling” into Schillerkiez isn’t easy. But I’m heading there today prepared with the Huawei P9 Plus—a phone with a camera that ups my blogging and social media game exponentially. It’s been called the “ultimate dual-lens camera” for a reason.

Life is just better here.

The Huawei P9 Plus joins with the Leica double lens for superior photographs. It captures images at up to 12 megapixels, using one monochrome sensor and another standard sensor. Incidentally, the monochrome can capture 200% more light than the standard sensor, making both indoor and outdoor shots more vibrant—as you can already see with these Schillerkiez shots.

Coffee and food, first.

Allerstraße’s GORDON Café and Records is bright, all stripped wood and fine edges and floor to ceiling windows, leaving me plenty of light to play around with this camera. With a 5.5″ display, photos are amazingly crisp, taken in an instant, and offering depth and detail. The lens’ f/1.7 aperture lens allows creativity in background blur, making standard “coffee shop” photos stellar.

The exterior of GORDON Café holds several outdoor tables, each boasting similar hip Schiller-dwellers. The café’s Jewish-inspired, with Hummus plates, Shakshuka, cheese-filled breads called boureks, and pita bread and olives to spare. The record collection, boasting HOUSE, TECHNO, LEGOTEK, and countless others, is far too cool for me, which is a feeling I enjoy. “Who let that girl in here? She doesn’t even know what legotek is!” The coffee’s straight from The Barn, the hoity-toity Mitte Australian beanery, which, I must admit, is worth the hype: smooth, without bitterness. Milch not required.

After roaming toward Frollein Langner, my first bar-with-broken-furniture-and-candles-and-random-bathtub (and thus close to my heart), then back, I make a pit-stop at the oft-touted Mos Eisley: a cleverly Star Wars-named gelato place with flavors that used to be candle smells (i.e. lavender).

We’ve all taken the afternoon off.

Walking in the streaming sunlight toward Tempelhofer Feld, I feel I’m about to leap into nothingness: the wide-open stretch of green, peppered with picnickers who, like me, don’t have jobs to go to. I snap a few photos. The Bokeh lens on the camera blurs the background, bringing essential focus to the still-untouched gelato, which I’m saving for photographing purposes. Blogging is a difficult, messy game.

Today, a jaunt through my favorite kiez and the incredible Huawei P9 Plus camera are just enough to make me forget the winter. An afternoon of picture taking, with wide-aperture effects, film mode, professional mode, and many others, will continue. Seriously, there’s so much fun to be had on this Huawei P9 plus camera. And the results are miraculous.

Written in partnership with Huawei P9 Plus

Huawei P9 Plus: For All Your Blogging Needs 


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  1. Sponsored by Huawei? You don’t say. I didn’t pick up on the first fifteen references. They were just so gracefully woven into the narrative!

  2. And do you blame us? We do BLY 90% for free and would you say no to a new smartphone? :)

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