Salutations from Sun and The Wolf this Saturday – Win Tickets Here

By John Perye . November 21, 2014

Up from the earth comes Sun and The Wolf with their own unique batch of “old future new” psychedelic-soul grooves. Salutations, the band’s second album will launch this Saturday at Bang Bang Club. If you want something more than electronic beats this weekend, check out this organic four-piece consisting of three New Zealanders and a Greek.  Guitarist Peter Mangan took some time to howl with Berlin Loves You:

LiveHow would you describe Sun and the Wolf’s sound?

Groove heavy, earthy, organic guitar driven sounds, old future new.

Where and when did it all start for the band?

3 of us had been in a band in New Zealand. We basically grew up together in a small town called Whanganui, went to high school together and formed a band there. After releasing a few albums in New Zealand under our former name, a few USA trips and touring for some years we ended up moving over to Berlin at the end of 2008. With no real contacts in the city, it felt like we were starting out again which was refreshing. Since being in Berlin the 3 of us have played with a few different people but finally the gods answered our call and made it possible for us to come in contact with Achilles, our Greek bass demi – god – sun and the wolf was complete.

The upcoming gig on Saturday is a record release show?

This Saturday is the record release party for our second record Salutations, which is the follow-up to our first album White Buffalo, released in 2012. We recorded the record ourselves in our very modest studio/bunker/rehearsal room. It was mixed by a lovely guy called Nick Foglia at Voxton Studios, who did a great job. The show is at the new Bang Bang Club in Kreuzberg (funnily enough my first job in Berlin was working as the door guy in the old Bang Bang Club) with support from Full Moon Fiasco, a great psych tinged band fronted by a fellow New Zealand friend of ours. Records will be available on the night but January 9th is the “official” release date where the album will be available everywhere via World In Sound.

sun108-1Is Berlin a great place for a live band?

I think so. People in Berlin are generally up for anything and we are spoilt for choice in this city. There is the opportunity to play a lot if you want to. We’ve had some great shows here and we have seen a lot of great shows. I believe the more experimental and ‘weird’ the more Berliners are into it. I think it would be great if there were more places to play for bands like ours that were a little outside of the normal ‘gig venue’. Of course Berlin gets the big touring bands coming through regularly and there are opportunities for unknown bands to support these bigger bands. I believe this is good if you want to get in front of an audience you might not normally play to.
Berlin is obviously a techno and club dominated city but there are small niches and support for bands here – 8mm Bar on Schoenhauser Alle for example.

Catch Sun and The Wolf on Saturday, the 22nd at Bang Bang Club

with Full Moon Fiasco. 9 PM

(Photo Credits: Live Shot – Anastasia Coyto – Polaroid- Katarzyna Borelowska)

Win a pair of tickets, just email – jp@staging-berlinlovesyou.kinsta.cloud – Subject: Sun and The Wolf Ticket Giveaway



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