Royally Incorrect: Die Besten Sprüche Von Philip, Prinz Fettnapf

By Andrew Cottrill . April 9, 2018

‘Royally Incorrect: Die Besten Sprüche Von Philip, Prinz Fettnapf’ is the hilarious wisdom of Prince Philip in a handy pocket book.

C.H. Beck’s ‘Royally Incorrect’ is a German-language compendium of Prince Philip’s best and sharpest utterances, collected over the last 50 years of his career as that-one-who-stands-next-to-Queen Elizabeth II. Each quote is accompanied by context from author Rory Scarfe.

You’ve seen Matt Smith’s charming and rambunctious portrayal of Prince Philip in The Crown, so now it’s time to experience the real thing. And he doesn’t disappoint.

Royally Incorrect Prince Philip

“Wenn ein Mann seiner Frau die Autotür öffnet, kann das zweierlei bedeuten: Entweder ist es eine neue Frau oder ein neues Auto.”

Throughout his many formal and state visits, the Prince has always had exactly the right thing to say at just the right moment. Whether he’s talking to deaf children, Indians, women or pesky natives, he never missed an opportunity to offend. This is why he’s earned the nicknames ‘The Duke of Hazard’ and ‘Prinz Fettnapf’.

“Wenn es vier Beine hat und kein Stuhl ist, wenn es zwei Flügel hat und fliegt, aber kein Flugzeug ist, und wenn es schwimmt, aber kein U-Boot ist, dann werden es die Kantonesen essen.”

Now, as the 96 year old Prince is retired and his years are finally catching up with him, ‘Royally Incorrect’ lets us celebrate this man from a different time. His sweeping ignorance and disdain for regular people acts as a soothing balm to us 2018 people, so concerned with acceptance and trying not to offend others. It’s a guilty pleasure.

“Sie sind doch eine Frau, oder?”

This is probably why he’s worshipped as a literal god on the island of Tanna. Maybe the tribal peoples see something we’ve missed, and we’ll only come to realise how special he is once Prince Philip is no longer with us. Like we did with a certain Jesus Christ.

“Sie haben Moskitos. Ich habe die Presse.”

Win a copy of the book!

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Find out more about the book on C.H. Beck’s website.


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