Readux Books launches October 24th and presents their first book series

By Catherine J. Fehre . October 18, 2013

READUX-OCT-INVITEReadux Books, the new and innovative English-language press based in Berlin, will be hosting their launch party along with Dialogue Books on Thursday, October 24th at Jones Food Store.

Readux Books publishes short texts in English, as both translations and originals, and their books will be available in print in both the US and in Europe and as e-books. Four teeny books (from 32-64 pages) will be released as a series three times a year, the first being this October. Readux Books offers an original style of literature, as the books are longer than typical short stories, yet shorter than novellas. Because the pieces are short, the English translations are available much sooner than the norm. Plus, the books are affordable, so they are accessible to everyone.

As apart of their launch, Readux Books is offering their first series to a Berlin Loves You reader, including In Berlin by Franz Hessel,  The Marvel of Biographical Bookkeeping, by Francis Nenik, Fantasy, by Malte Persson, and City of Rumor, by Gideon Lewis-Kraus. All you have to do is answer this trivia question and post the answer in the comments below: What film is based on Franz Hessel’s marriage? The first person to answer correctly will receive Readux Books’ first series for free.


The books are available for pre-order, as well, so you can have them as soon as they’re available. Go support this new press and join them in their launch! Check out the Facebook event.

Readux Books Launch
Jones Food Store
Reinhardt Str. 9
Thursday, October 24


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