RAWTASTIC Opening: Berlin’s First 100% RAW Restaurant and Juicery

By Allison Krupp . September 15, 2015


RAWTASTIC–the first 100% raw food, vegan restaurant and juicer in Berlin—brings you the best of plant-based dishes with all nutrients and enzymes perfectly intact (just as nature intended them). This Friday at the RAWTASTIC opening party at their brand-new Prenzlauer Berg location, prepare for a harmonious, indulgent experience featuring gourmet vegan dishes, nut milks, cold-pressed juices, nut cheeses, kombucha, kimchi, and many vegan condiments—all cruelty- and guilt-free.


Simon Francis and Tugba Tanören, the vegan visionaries behind the RAWTASTIC concept, are passionate about their cruelty-free lifestyles—seeking to produce the most decadent and delightful dishes, without hurting this vibrant planet. Simon, originally from England, is a world-traveler—having spent many years in Sweden and Argentina prior to settling in Berlin. His two passions, vegan and tango, brought him here, what he calls “the tango-dancing and vegan capital of Europe.”

Tugba, who is originally from Turkey, met Simon in Sweden while working—of all things—as a computer engineer. But alas: the lure of the kitchen—and Simon’s zealous idea to move to this tango-and-vegan-city—brought her here to jazz up the raw lifestyle of Berlin. And we couldn’t be happier.


But we wonder: “What makes Rawtastic different than other vegan concepts in Berlin?”

“Rawtastic is unique. We are a fully raw restaurant, which means that the food is never heated over 42 degrees. As Douglas Adams from the Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy said: ’42 is the answer to life, the universe and everything.’ After that, the enzymes and the nutrients in the food start to die. We want to take raw vegan to a whole new level of gourmet cuisine. We think that our hand-picked team of raw food chefs and enthusiasts will set us apart.”


At their launch party at 19:30 on Friday, September 18th, Tugba and Simon will open the doors to their dream restaurant. “This evening will be very special for the both of us as it is the culmination of many years of conscious and sub-conscious planning. We will celebrate with champagne and tapas tasters from our menu, so everyone will have the chance to taste our food.”

And the future of RAWTASTIC after their 8:00 opening on September 21 is wide-open, ready for Tugba and Simon’s artistic, vegan exploration in the kitchen. For now: they prepare to offer “a thriving, healthy lifestyle option” in Berlin. And after this summer of too much Berlin beer and falafel, we say: we’re ready for them.

OPENING PARTY: Friday, September 18th at 19:30

RAWTASTIC OPEN: Monday, September 21st at 8:00

WHERE: Danziger Str. 16, 10435 Berlin



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