Quantum Of Solace 007 James Bond Premiere Berlin

By BERLIN LOVES YOU . November 4, 2008

Did you know that if you go to one of these movie premieres you are not allowed to bring your phone and/ or camera? Crazy isn`t it? It´s like airport security. I suppose people are scared that you might copy the whole film and put it on youtube. The asian version to just pay the guy that shows the movie and then copy its straight from there seems way easier to me!
So before you enter the movie you give away everything digital and put it in a paper bag. This ends up in quite a bit of waiting time and some confusion:


As soon as you get you “life supporting equipment” back a shuttle service (large busses) take you to the after party location. I heard someone complain that he had to see the original version – well I would have liked to instead we saw the dubbed german version. And this is how a Quantum Of Solace or in german Ein Quantum Trost After Party looks like when you enter it:

After Party QoS

And when you are done with drinking, dancing and eating you always tend to get one of these “goody bags”. I think from now on I might start to show you whats in them. Sometimes you get special things like a nice TShirt or parfume that you can give away to friends. I am keeping the TShirt though guys!

goody bag

Oh … yes … and the movie … decide yourself ;)



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