Come to Porsche’s Classy-As-Hell 70th Birthday Party

By Andrew Cottrill . April 13, 2018

Porsche invites you to its 70th birthday exhibition.

What else looks this sexy at 70 years old? On June 8, 1948, this first prototype emerged from the Porsche workshop and started a chain reaction that has influenced all car design (and design in general) since.

Porsche Birthday 70 Exhibition

It’s the enduring symbol of German design aesthetic and engineering perfection and between now and May 31st, you can go and see it, plus many more of Porsche’s most iconic models, for free at their new Unter den Linden exhibition. Happy Birthday Porsche.

“70 Jahre Porsche Sportwagen” Exhibition

The exhibition, hosted at the DRIVE. Volkswagen Group Forum on Friedrichstraße 84 runs free of charge from now until May 31st. It offers Porsche and sports car fans a rare glimpse into the company, its cars, its people and, most excitingly, the future of sports cars that Porsche’s engineers are currently working on.

It’s a playground for car fans. You’re greeted by a Porsche 356 “No.1” Roadster, the “Origin of the sports car”, and the old darling whose birthday it is.

Porsche Birthday 70 Exhibition

Then, in the racing car section, you get to see the unique and legendary 917/20 coupé racing car “Pink Pig”.

Porsche Birthday 70 Exhibition

Most excitingly for us is that you get a chance to see the “Sports cars of the future”, Porsche’s pioneering Mission E This series is planned for launch in 2019 and will be the first purely electrically-powered Porsche, meaning the cars of the future will be eco-friendly AND sexy as hell.

Porsche Birthday 70 Exhibition

“The message of our exhibition is this: The spirit of innovation, which over 70 years has made Porsche into one of the world’s most profitable automotive manufacturer, will continue to drive a unique brand experience into the future.” Achim Stejskal, Director of the Porsche Museum.

One Million Porsche 911s

The 911 is probably the most iconic and enduring car design ever. Sure, it’s evolved over the 55 years since the first one rolled out of Stuttgart in 1963, its design and engine tweaked here and there. But they knew they pretty much got it right the first time.

The one-millionth 911, an Irish Green Coupé, recently rolled off the Zuffenhausen production line and will also be part of the exhibition.

Porsche Birthday 70 Exhibition

Remember to take Porsche a slice of birthday cake.

The “DRIVE. Volkswagen Group Forum” is open seven days a week from 10:00 am to 8:00 pm until May 31st. Admission is free of charge. More details are available at www.drive-volkswagen-group.com.

Volkswagen Group Forum
Friedrichstraße 84
Unter den Linden,

Sponsored by Porsche.


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