One Step Back Ahead: Crossing Boarder EP

By BERLIN LOVES YOU . May 20, 2015

It is not so often that a dance music EP is released that crosses so many genre boundaries like O.S.B.A.’s Crossing Boarder does. I met up with O.S.B.A Co-founder, Michal Zietara to talk about their latest record.

osba pic 2

Living in Berlin makes it easy to notice how in-demand records are now-a-days. I can even point out more than five record stores off the top of my head that are less than four blocks away from my house, that’s a lot! There must be hundreds around town and probably not even having to count the flea markets (and we all know flea markets always have records).

What´s happening with the increasing popularity of buying vinyl is very exciting for many record enthusiasts, DJs, music lovers, etc. and has been the trigger for the rise of many new vinyl-only independent record labels. Actually, there seems to be a new one every week and I don’t know if that’s a good thing or a bad thing, but I DIG it!

osba pic 3

Anyways, with so many new record labels out there, and a whole lot of competition in the business, how do labels stand out? Well the guys running O.S.B.A. Records seem to be gaining more and more recognition due their open-mindness when it comes to the styles of the music they release and, of course, the quality of it.

O.S.B.A. Records is a small vinyl-only record label based in Berlin, ran by Michal Zietara and Mathias Schmitt AKA Dynamodyse. These guys´ve been hosting parties for almost a decade as part of WUP WUP and Tanzen Ist Auch Sport, when three years ago they decided to take it to the next level and founded the O.S.B.A. label.

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The interesting thing about O.S.B.A. is that they give many different genres of music a chance. This is why their newest release, Crossing Boarders, which officially came out on February 15th, drifts through techno, house and experimental (or what they call “some trancy, slow jam, power house- traxx”).

For me as a listener and vinyl lover, this mixture of genres is what caught my attention when listening to their first release. It´s not common to find labels that put out varying styles of music in a single EP, but still manage to keep that sense of unity within the release a whole. This release has some great dancefloor tracks, but also some very interesting experimental stuff that I don’t even wanna try to label… and all of it top quality!

osba five

You can get a hold of O.S.B.A 003: Crossing Boarder at OYE Records Berlin, Spacehall Berlin or online at Wup Wup Store and Decks.de.

Listen to Crossing Boarder EP on Soundcloud.

Text: Fede Icaza


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