New Year’s resolution: indulge in healthy treats from Sheep and Monkey

By Clio Saal . January 5, 2015

Ah, I‘ve been looking forward to write this post. Finally a chance to incorporate a truly life-changing fact into my writing that accompanied me ever since I was nine years old. Hi I’m Clio and I am lactose intolerant. Yes, I know, to be lactose intolerant is more common than being allergic to peanuts or getting gassy from gluten. But imagine to be lactose intolerant at a time when having an organic lifestyle (aka being an “Öko”) was still an insult and soymilk was a rare good. When you were a lactose intolerant kid in the 90ies there was no ice cream. Your mom would make you bring your own soy pudding to a birthday party and you would know pizza only as thin bread with a tomato sauce topping. That is why I am even more exciting about the whole “Special Food Needs” – hype that is holding a tight grip on our beloved Hauptstadt. Vegan coffeeshops? A lactose-free isle at the supermarket? Diseyland for the little, dairy-deprived girl inside of me…

However, despite from trauma-ridden freaks like me, there are people that put some serious thought into creating some seriously delicious “alternative diet” – foods (because the Edeka-isle might not be as good as you think it is…). Eirini Stathi, Chef Cuisinier, and Vanessa Meyer, her business partner with a background in fashion, are two of those inventive individuals that give back a piece of pleasure and indulgence to all those health-conscious, allergic and (something-)intolerant Berliners out there. Time for a visit at their kitchen, Sheep and Monkey:


How did you get the idea to cater to „Special Food Needs“?
Our main focus are alternative diets. Alternative solutions to support individuals to improve the
quality of their daily living by feeding themselves back to vitality. Our Concept was created as an option to allow people with Special Food Needs, and any other person, to find products that don’t compromise their healths by substituting their favourite products. We realised that in recent years supermarkets have stocked an increasing number of lines that cater to their needs, with some larger stores dedicating a whole aisle to the “special
products” (pastas, biscuits, breads, yogurts and puddings).
However, own-label products and “Free From” ranges, where the products are free from gluten, wheat, dairy or sugar, showed more than half had higher salt, sugar or chemical ingredient levels than the standard version.
Not only are they expensive, but they tend to have a list of ingredients that are not food, like azodicarbonamide (the same chemical in yoga mats and shoe rubber), other chemical dough conditioners, added sugars, artificial flavourings or colouring and GMOs. Flour can be treated with any of the 60 different chemicals approved by the FDA before it ends up on store shelves – including chemical bleach! All of this in an attempt to recreate the taste of “normal” food! All our products taste great, and come packed with added nutritional benefits. We use high quality ingredients for each recipe supporting proper nutrition and favouring good health.

Why the name Sheep and Monkey?
Sheep and Monkey are actually our chines signs. We were looking for something catchy and playful that reflected our personalities and that would made people smile and remember us…. after a while we came out with this… We think its fun and optimism…

Give us a glimpse of your products…
ALL of our products are Lactose, Gluten and Sugar free, which equals a Paleo Diet/concept.
We have some products, like our Death by Chocolate Cake and the Coconut- Chocolate Fudge Bars, which are actually Vegan suitable as well. Our Cookies, for example, are made with Yacon sirup, which has a very low impact in the blood sugar, so they are suitable for diabetics. So, as you can see, we have an option for everyone….

Will you have your own cafe/shop soon?
It is a plan for the future but for the moment we are planning on more Popup events and continue the Wholesale distribution and Market promotion.


Where are the best cakes in Berlin?

Leaving the healthy side behind …
Eirini: Pasam Baklava in Schöneberg.
Vanessa: Konditorei & Café Buchwald in Hansaviertel, Salon Sucré in Kreuzberg and Du Bonheur and Sebastian in Mitte.

Where can we buy your products?
You can find us every Tuesday at our production Kitchen and Pop Up Shop in the Lenaustrasse 5, Berlin Neukölln.

You can also find us online at www.sheepandmonkey.com or on Facebook!

Also check out the Sheep and Monkey – blog for some updates on where to find the girls and delicious recipies!

(BTW: I’m glad we talked about it…)


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