The NBA is in Berlin! A Conversation with a Basketball Legend

By John Perye . October 6, 2014

Basketball fans of all ages showed off their hoop skills at a pop-up court in the middle of Potsdamer Platz yesterday. NBA Global Games is happening in Berlin with the San Antonio Spurs facing Alba Berlin at the O2 on Wednesday the 8th. The action is already underway at the NBA Fan Zone, a free outdoor fan festival, that lets basketball lovers trade shots with NBA pros.

1Prizes were given out, autographs were signed and pictures were taken with players at this great interactive event. So lace up your basketball shoes, head down to Potsdamer Platz and show some of the NBA’s brightest stars what you got.

2NBA legends Sean Elliott and George Gervin are also taking part in the fun of bringing the game to a global audience. I had a court-side chat with George “The Iceman” Gervin, and found him to be anything but cold.

How do you like Berlin?

This is really my first full day. I haven’t got a chance to go around and see some of the sights, but I know where I’m at.

Potsdamer Platz.

Yeah, the Wall was right of there. It’s interesting. We’re here now playing basketball, the game that got global.

Do enjoy bringing the game outside America?

I enjoy it. I’ve been all over Asia. This is my first time here in this part of Germany. I’m glad to see how the game has become world-wide versus just state-wide. Global.

3You’re from Detroit, a city that draws comparisons to Berlin. Looking around here today do you think Detroit can reach this kind of boom?

Detroit is gonna come back. Detroit used to be one of the most popular cities in the US back in the day. I think they have the right people in the right places now to revitalize Detroit. I do believe in the next 10 years or so Detroit is going to be back.

Maybe bring the Pistons back downtown?

There’s always been talk about that. All depends on ownership. It would be nice, they were down there once before. So if we are going to revitalize we may as well bring them back. I was there a few weeks ago. The mayor, Duggan, brought in a bunch of Detroiters for a “homecoming” and did some research and talk on how they are going to revitalize the city. I went in and talked to Duggan and his team. See I have programs for kids, two big programs in San Antonio and one in Phoenix. George Gervin Youth Center.

Detroit school system are not the best, right?

Yeah, the school system is bad. I was talking with them about a trade school that teaches skills that would be effective. If the town is going to grow it needs workers. That’s why doing a vocational trade school would be special. We need to get the inner city involved.

Thanks for coming to Berlin! Enjoy the game.

Thank you man.

For information on the Fan Zone, which will have events leading up to the big game, click here.


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