Musikbrauerei Presents Arabic-Infused Bartók with Bartók Beyond Borders, Vol.2

By BERLIN LOVES YOU . November 15, 2016

On November 17th and 18th, ensemble mini returns to the magical setting of the Musikbrauerei with ‘Bartók Beyond Borders, Vol.2‘.


What’s their aim? To shake up the classical music experience and bring it crescendoing into the modern world.

In reaction to the refugee crisis and modern statehood and boarder concerns, the team chose Hungarian composer Béla Bartók, himself once a refugee, as their inspiration due to his multicultural apporach to music, and invited reknowned Syrian composers to create new arrangements of Bartók’s work, lending an Arabic touch. 


On both concert nights, the audience will be taken on an immersive journey deep below the former brewery, with video art installations by the prominent Syrian artist Ali Kaaf and jam sessions before the main show and DJ sets from DJ KALI & Ipek Ipekcioglu afterwards.

“ensemble mini” is a classical supergroup of young players from Germany’s best orchestras. Consisting of up to 20 soloists, ensemble mini choose a major composer or theme for their shows and perform big symphonic music in mini ways.


Included in the programme will the world-renowned duo, Ferhan & Ferzan Önder on piano and the funky beats of Roumanian Folk Dance with Arab percussionist Rony Barrak.

17. November 2016 @ 21:00h (with DJ Ipek Ipekcioglu)
18. November 2016 @ 21:00h (with DJ KALI)

Ferhan & Ferzan Önder (Piano)
Rony Barrak (Darbouka)
Ali Kaaf (Artist)
ensemble mini & Joolz Gale

Bartók – Rumänische Orchestertanz, arr. سعاد بشناق Suad Bushnaq
Bartók – Rumänische Volkstänze, arr. Rony Barrak
Bartók – Konzert für 2 Klaviere, Schlagzeug & Orchester, arr. Joolz Gale
Bartók – Tanz-Suite, arr. Joolz Gale

Get your tickets for Bartók Beyond Borders, Vol.2

Tickets cost between 15€/20€ and can be purchased on the ensemble mini website.

Bartók Beyond Borders, Vol.2
17th-18th November, 21:00
Greifswalder Str.23A
10405 Berlin

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