Monthly Tape Worm Cassette BBQ Scavenges Berlin’s Depths for Best of Indie Rock

By Allison Krupp . September 19, 2016


“Average-looking freaks,” indie rockers Mincer Ray, spent endless days and nights scavenging the depths of this rat-hole city to bring you the very best in indie music. The result? This Wednesday’s Tape Worm Cassette BBQ, featuring Strand Child, Mincer Ray (natürlich), and LA’s Kraftwööd. Together, they part the drudgery (and heroin dealers) in front of that rickety Kotti staircase and erupt into the chaotic-heaven of Monarch, shivering with anticipation beside the U12.

And rumor has it: this Monarch party will be monthly, with indie rock nourishment all through the year. Vitamin D, a mother’s love, vegan protein–who needs any of it, with this to look forward to?


My fellow BLY bloggers and I can attest to the Mincer Ray energy. Pizzazz and imperfection and proper band banter, bringing a bit of warmth to your blackened Berlin heart. The minds behind this Tape Worm Cassette BBQ crafted a stellar, never-before-seen video about the event, which you can dive into below. The employment of several animal actors, including a caped black cat and a wide-eyed pup upon a bouncy ball, assures us they leave no stone unturned on the search for talent.

But that’s not all!

The event’s feature is that Tape Worm Cassette, a Martin Audioun Klingman – Mincer Ray split, which is name-your-own-price and created by Shaky Tooth Tapes.

ENTER TO WIN guest list +1 AND a tape by emailing win@staging-berlinlovesyou.kinsta.cloud with the subject line: “Tape Worm Cassette BBQ.”



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