Mincer Ray Record Release with Brabrabra Friday at Schokoladen

By John Perye . August 20, 2014

Rainbowfreakpop group Mincer Ray is putting out a new album and celebrating the occasion this Friday the 22nd at Schokoladen. Brabrabra and DJ Grumble will also be sharing the stage in Mitte. Here’s the skinny from the band:

What is Mincer Ray and how long have you been together?

Mincer Ray is a band. We regularly hide in a pre war bunker south of Tempelhof, squabble over things on drugs and come out with songs for everybody to enjoy. We have been doing this for approximately 3 years. During this time being a band we stole ideas from everyone ranging from Neil Young to Fugazi with a honorable mention for Yo La Tengo, Pavement and Guided By Voices.


The upcoming show on Friday is a record release party?

The upcoming show is indeed a record release party. We recorded our third album named ‘Fellow Traveler’ and we’ll release it on August 22nd at Schokoladen. The doors open at 19:00. Before us the fantastic Brabrabra will get the ball rolling and afterwards Grumble will keep said ball rolling with his funky african beats

Your videos for “Backwards Walkin” and “Franki Jo” are creative. Do you have a hand in making them? 

The videos are made by a handpicked chain gang of vegan monkeys and a dog. The Video for “Franki Jo” was actually made using our staff.

Is Berlin a great place to play live music?

Berlin is a terrible place to play live music. Too many Djs. But Berlin is the best place to be poor at, so I guess 7 stars out of 10?

Interested? Check them out here, “where people can also reach us to send their death threats/marriage proposals.” To listen, click here

Show is Friday 08.22.2014
19.00 Uhr
Ackerstrasse 169, Berlin Mitte


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