Metronomy Really Is Forever: Free Ticket Giveaway!

By Allison Krupp . October 20, 2019

Metronomy boasts their ceaseless love for wildly catchy pop at Columbiahalle on October 24.

A multi-decade love affair—nay, commitment—to the simple joy of pure pop. Sixth album Metronomy Forever! is Metronomy in their mid-to-late-30s—a Metronomy with a far different set of responsibilities, and thus song topics, than 2008’s Nights Out, or 2011’s indie darling, English Riviera. Metronomy began as then-teenager Joseph Mount’s bedroom-pop experiment—and, in subsequent years, has stretched out her wild, dance-y legs, remaining just as playful, ever tight.

Now that Joseph Mount has retreated to the countryside around Devon, after many years in inner-city Paris—he finds himself happy, content—yet still with the remarkable ability to tap into the human condition, crafting a 55-minute record that he terms emotionally “all over the place,” yet still fun. Cool. We’re into it. 

67328622_10157042945751084_6558387178064314368_nJoseph Mount speaks with Dazed—remarking on the band’s incredible longevity and ability, after Nights Out, to remain within the same brand. He always thought they’d last just this long, saying, “I knew what music can mean to people I felt so impressed by bands that kept going, and were good consistently, and how pissed off you’d get when a band you liked disappointed you. From the moment Nights Out was released and I got a proper record deal, I thought, ‘I’m not gonna fuck this up.’”

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