Love in the time of Tinder

By Sarah Luisa Santos . September 9, 2014

matt lambert casting sex

As a foreigner, and South American, a clash of cultures in my head was inevitable when moving to Berlin.

Even with my experience of living abroad before (I spent one year in London back in the day), I was not spared from having lots of conflicts and hard times here in Germany. And, of course, an area that was deeply affected was love.

I think many of you may agree with me that love in Berlin is not the easiest of subjects. I thought I was open minded before moving to this city but, oh boy, I was definitely mistaken. Polyamory is a term that I got acquainted with here and now ‘open relationship’ has a whole new meaning in my head.

Between so many stories, Tinder profiles, and that thing that happened to a friend of a friend, I got more and more surprised with so many different points of views and ways of relating to each other.

At some level I think it is amazing how people actually manage to be a couple in Berlin – or several couples. And, for all the people out there in a relationship (or something like it), film director Matt Lambert is now casting for a new series about Berlin couples with interesting stories to tell.

Originally inspired by the short film Heile Gänsje, from Matt Lambert, the project has been commissioned by Dazed, Iconoclast  and a major US television network *,  with the aim of showing the world young love and sexuality in the Digital Age.

For those interested in applying, the project is paid and applications can be submitted until 13.09 via a questionnaire here.

Are you a forward-thinking, sexually open minded couple, exploring new ways of relating to each other? Why not share your story and help broaden horizons. After all, all we need is love.

Image by Matt Lambert for Heile Gänsje.

*correction according to the producers. Different from what we stated before, the project is not funded by Channel 4, only the Heile Gänsje was produced with this network.


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