Lookout Berlin Music Scene – The One-Hit Parade is BACK!

By John Perye . April 26, 2015

Who remembers sitting patiently in front of a television set, hoping to get a glimpse of the latest video from their favorite artists? In America back in the day, there was no better channel for that than MTV. Music videos flowed one after another. When the video you were waiting for finally played, it was a triumphant moment filled with immense joy that lasted for those glorious few minutes the band members flickered before your eyes.

In Europe, shows like Germany’s Formel Eins and England’s Top of the Pops, took your favorite artists, brought them into a TV studio, placed them on stage and in front of cameras, and sent the “live” performance right to your telly. There was the band, miming along to their latest single. In a way, these shows brought the viewers even closer to the bands more than a regular music video could. Wouldn’t it be great if in these times of instant online video, somebody came out with a throwback to those old shows? Well, luckily for us somebody did and it’s called The One-Hit Parade!

Music curator and The One-Hit Parade host Martin Hossbach is back with an all new season, bringing ten up-and-coming Berlin acts to the stage at Kantine am Berghain for another batch of unique performances and interviews.

Host Martin HossbachThis second season offers a diverse and colorful group of musicians including Anika, Jolly Goods, Black Cracker, Chuckamuck, Isolation Berlin, Fenster, Christian Naujoks, Wellness, Bevich Vvond and Skiing. Each performance is beautifully shot and really gives the artists a chance to express themselves, how ever they want, visually. Possibly the best part of The One-Hit Parade is the interview that takes place after each song. The example below by the band Skiing showcases just how wonderfully entertaining this cool format can be.

Watch The One-Hit Parade online for FREE here!


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