Look out Friedrichshain, Salami Social Club wants a Pizza the Action.

By Brendan Power . November 30, 2016

If you don’t like pizza, then stop reading now. No seriously, stop. We’ve got your click, which is all we need really, so that’ll do. If, on the other hand, you’re an absolute pig like me, and you actually daydream about shoving a hot slice in your face… read on, my friend, and learn all about Salami Social Club, the tasty new kid on the Friedrichshain block. We met with founders Jacob and Ben to learn more.


#1 What are the first three words that come to mind when you hear the word “Pizza”?

Ben – ‘pass the mayonnaise’

Jacob – ‘breakfast, lunch, dinner’

#2 Like 98% of the people on this planet, I love pizza and will devour it almost any time of the day or night. Having said that there are only small handful of places in Berlin which I would classify as “good pizza”. Why do you think that is?

There’s that classics line “Sex is like pizza, even when it’s bad it’s still pretty good.” We kind of just assume that Berlin just likes sex/pizza and doesn’t mind the shame the morning after.


#3 How and why did you get started in this business?

We met when we both applied for the same job at a french restaurant, here in Berlin. The restaurant had an old pizza oven, from when it was once an Italian. We started making pizza for staff meals and realized we actually had a solid product. We built the concept before we knew we were going to even look for a location!

#4 What makes Salami Social Club different to other places in Berlin?

We’re not trying to reshape the wheel and our concept is pretty simple: “good pizza, beer and music”. We are having a lot of fun playing with some cool pizza combinations though (check out the black dough with blutwurst and bacon in the shot below).

Essentially though we just want to create a great atmosphere to grab a slice and drink some of the best beer we can get Our hands on.

berlinlovessalami#5 Craft beer seems to be here to stay, with more and more places popping up in recent years. How do you see yourself fitting into this ecosystem?

The craft beer scene is undoubtedly one of the most exciting things happening here in Berlin. It’s got a really tight community that have been so welcoming of us. Where we fit in? We’d like to get out and about to all the beer events and festivals next summer with a woodfire oven, but in the mean time we’ll just serve quality Berlin brews and beers from further a field at the best price we can.


#6 We are all for experimentation with food but you have to draw the line somewhere. Can you give us an example of a an unusual pizza topping that everyone should try once in their life, and one which you have tried that should never be repeated again.

We’re true believers in this, Ben still says the best pizza we sell is just the plain old salami.

You’d be surprised at how far you can go – we just put an Hawaiian on the menu (it’s actually really good!)

Things to try

Ben: Nudja which is a spicy soft chili salami meat – extremely hot but absolutely delicious

Jacob: Black pudding/blutwurst – first pizza we made, still an absolute game changer

Not to eat on a pizza

Ben: Salmon – nice idea, just doesn’t work,

Jacob: Tuna fish – Nah, fuck tuna fish

#7 Beer and Pizza… one of the enduring partnerships of modern life. Can you think of a famous/celebrity couple whose relationship is comparable to this?

Ben: Morrissey and Marr (The Smiths)

Jacob: Matt Stone and Trey Parker (South Park creators)

Salami Social Club
Frankfurter Allee 43
Berlin, Germany

Salami Social Club on Facebook


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