To live and die in Berlin

By Clio Saal . March 31, 2014

Maybe you have found out that Berlin is the place to be for you. Maybe you love Berlin as the city of free spirits, of the resourceful (salaries are kinda low, recycling, food-sharing, upcycling- you name it), of the urban farmers, of the sociable mentality (a jammed Görlitzer Park under a cloud of BBQ-smoke? Cozy!). Maybe it even became your home. Maybe you have decided to stay.


Want more? To be part of this forever?
Berlin is the first city to have its own natural cemetery, where body ashes are buried within a tree’s root system. The urn just decomposes and becomes part of the tree’s lifecycle. There are no big gravestones, no funeral wreaths, and no flowers on the three hectares of woodland in Berlin Pankow. Just those majestic trees that have seen the city’s history float by before their eyes and that now carry little name tags of single persons, of friends, partners or family members. Tree burials at “Friedwald” do not necessarily follow religious traditions or old fashioned rituals, they follow a person’s character and peculiarities.

And: you can order a spot under your favorite tree online!


More Info here!
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Fotos: FriedWald


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