Let’s Yalla Travel App is here so you can quit this BS and go on a spontaneous trip tomorrow

By Allison Krupp . June 7, 2016


Let’s Yalla did something rather incredible: they bottled that mad and chaotic Berlin energy, which we all felt rattling in our hearts and lungs in the weeks before moving here–that feeling we all crave. We can grasp it once again.

Because even here, you find yourself nibbling that 4 a.m. kebab at 11:30… folding laundry… catching up with your Netflix cue… and generally whiling the time away. You spend the sixth Saturday in a row at that same bar on Weserstraße, sipping a gin fizz with cavernous lip-wrinkles, still-still-still waiting for your life to start (never mind you went to that weird sex party on Thursday and, well, things are great. Perspective is a wicked thing to achieve).


But Let’s Yalla keeps the manic fire going with their brand new app, achieving that ULTIMATE feeling of freedom with last-minute flights (which, as we all know, till now were essentially out-of-reach and terribly expensive).

When you open the Let’s Yalla app, you view a list of direct flights (return included), available from your specified airport, and sorted by destination—along with a predefined outbound and return date. These are all FIXED deals, meaning you don’t really have a choice beyond YES, I WANT MADNESS IN MY LIFE or NAW BRAH.

For those of you who forget about the glories of technology, the app sends a daily push notification—like that friend who’s like “wanna get some quick drinks?” or “wanna go to France tomorrow and not spend another entire day waiting for that German who’s never going to text you to text you back?”


Only a few of these cheap-o tickets are available each day. And from that moment of truth, you decide to book, pay, pack some hand luggage, and fly out tomorrow. Which means comparing and second-guessing are all things past-you had to go through, at least until dinnertime. A piece of carry-on luggage is included in the booking, and you can add insurance and extra luggage for additional charges in later steps.

The glories of this app are far-reaching. And now, I suppose, the competition begins: the moment you receive your first push notification, and the app tells you how many seats are left on that flight—you must choose your destiny. To fly or not to fly. To live or not to live! To download Let’s Yalla… or not to seize the moment.

This week is the Let’s Yalla FIRST WEEK EVER–available for a limited time for JUST US–Berlin Loves You readers and writers. Head here to download and use the code: Yalla_loves_Berlin.

And like them on Facebook and Twitter because their founders, Ori Hagai and Katharina Seehuber, are too brilliant to ignore.


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