Let’s Break Bread: “Abendbrot” by Kitchen Guerilla

By Andrew Cottrill . March 3, 2015

Kitchen Guerilla Abendbrot Cheese
Hey, put down that sushi! Throw away that schawarma! Living in the city has made you soft…you’ve forgotten about the important things in life: bread, meat and cheese. Let’s get back in touch with our roots. Let’s all sit down together and break bread. Let’s bring back the traditional Abendbrot.

Kitchen Guerilla Abendbrot Pork

This is what Kitchen Guerilla are doing for their next big foodie event in Berlin. Kitchen Guerilla and Pilsner Urquell’s “Abendbrot” will take place on the 19th March at the Ball-Saal Studio, Wrizener Straße 8, 13359 Berlin.

The event promises a 4-course meal featuring a wide selection of the finest regional meats, bread and cheeses, demonstrating the artistry that can go into the humble Abendbrot to make it a truly special meal that will make you think twice before reaching for that Ja!-brand Salami and day-old Schrippe next time you want a quick but filling snack.

Kitchen Guerilla Abendbrot Group

“Abendbrot” will also be about capturing that feeling of well-being you get with sharing a hearty meal with friends and family. Will someone please pass the butter?

Kitchen Guerilla Abendbrot Fork and Beer

The last Kitchen Guerilla event I had the pleasure of attending took on another bastion of German culinary culture – the wurst. WurstGalerie, a celebration of all things sausage, had all the hallmarks of a Kitchen Guerilla event: great food prepared live, a DIY element to get guests involved with the making of the food, and an effort to connect the guests to the food itself – from the chefs, to the producers, to the areas and traditions which influenced it, right down to the livestock used to create it. It’s food fused with theatre.

Kitchen Guerilla Abendbrot Location

This time “Abendbrot” promises a room filled with the homely scent of freshly-baked bread as the Kitchen Guerilla’s master baker prepares the evening’s bread on-site. Guests will get the chance to join in with the preparation of the meals and learn a few tricks of this old trade.


Abendbrot will be served with the most German of German things: Pilsner beer. In fact they’ve chosen the daddy of all German Pilsners (the world’s first Pilsner), Pilsner Urquell. Not the regular stuff though, they’re getting it delivered, unfiltered and unpasturised, direct from the cellars of Pilsner Urquell’s brewery in Pilsen. It’s a taste of how beer used to be to match a night of eating Abendbrot how it used to be eaten (and if you want to read me gushing over the beer, you can here).

There are ten chances to win a pair of tickets to “Abendbrot” on Pilsner Urquell’s Facebook page.

You can also buy your ticket on the Kitchen Guerilla website.


19th March 2015 – 18.30 Uhr
Location: Ball-Saal Studio,
Wrizener Straße 8,
13359 Berlin


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