BERLIN LOVES YOU, even if you’re one of those lebkuchen-crazed hopefuls who decorates the Christmas tree November 1, eager for Jesus to come. tree1


And Berlin STILL Loves You if you use the street as your personal elf parade, far before cracking open that Advent Calendar. It just assumes you’re kind of a Christmassy always-one-step-ahead fashion whack-job. 

berlin fashion street

berlin fashion street

berlin fashion street

… when you pay a visit to the Christmas Market in Potsdamer Platz for traditional “Pfeffernüsse” or “Springerle” cookies…


…Or, when you’re lazy and ragged, you over-stock on Ritter Sport “Einhorn” Holiday Edition. 


…And you try to silence the voice in your head that asks if your party clothes still fit.

berlin fashion street


The night stretches on for nearly forever. But then you wake up wishing for a star, a wise man–anyone to lead you to the truth…


…and all you have is Trump.


berlin fashion street

Even then, Berlin smiles back.

berlin fashion street

Berlin just keeps loving you, even if you use your girlfriend’s high-heels, or opt for an Oma skirt.

berlin fashion street

And, as you know, it’s a city that shows you her love through music.         wiiliamdj
Lying in wait for the Easter Bunny to save us all. Even if it has to be this one. 

pascuaBecause BERLIN LOVES YOU! And if you love her back, follow #BerlinLovesYou on Instagram.


About Author

Antonio is a Colombian photographer who recently moved to Berlin after spending three years in NYC, capturing the catwalks of New York Fashion Week and NYC's urban lifestyle. Running @berlinlovesyou's Instagram, Antonio will photo-document Berlin as he discovers new places and new faces in this multi-faceted city. His first Berlin moment started with a spontaneous plane trip here one November weekend... Berlin gave him the coldest shoulder, but even the icy wind couldn't stop him from falling in love with the city.

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