Lakino Short Film Festival – Brazil in Fokus

By Sarah Luisa Santos . April 2, 2014

For all cinema lovers out there here is a tip for this week: the fourth edition of the Lakino Short Film Awards.

Lakino is one of the most important Latin American film festivals held in Berlin, with a platform for the screening and funding of films from, and about, Latin America.

For their fourth edition, the theme is “Brazil in Fokus” – not only because of the upcoming World Cup (lest we forget) but also for its movie production industry, which releases 2000 short movies a year.

I have selected the top three Brazilian movie shorts in the competition to profile, but the whole event program is worth checking out.

Tastes like chicken?

Quico Meirelles (BR)

Brazil 2012, Fiction, 15′

In a factory farm a chicken has a vision: she becomes aware of the wheels that rule her life and her destiny.


O que lembro tenho


O que Lembro, Tenho / If I remember it, I’ve got it

Rafhael Barbosa (BR)

Brazil 2013, Fiction, 19′, Núcleo Zero

Faced with the symptoms of senile dementia, the past becomes the only place for an encounter between a mother and her daughter.


Porcos Raivosos

Porcos Raivosos / Enraged Pigs

Isabel Penoni/Leonardo Sette (BR)

Brazil 2012, Fiction, 10′, Lucinda Films

After they find that their husbands have mysteriously transformed into raging pigs, the women of a village decide to take action.


Another highlight of Lakino Festival is its celebration of 100 years of the literature of Cortázar. The Argentinean author was a master storyteller and short story writer who has left his mark on the Latin American film industry, influencing so many past and present artists.


Plus, for football fans, there will be a run of football-themed movie shorts screened at the festival.



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