Kabaret Kalashnikov Returns to Sisyphos on 15th/16th/17th October

By Andrew Cottrill . October 14, 2015


Kabaret Kalashnikov describes itself as “a wild-postsowjet-hedonistic-vodka-variete-show”, where “juggling, acrobatics, slapstick and comedy all blend into a twisted, turbulent night at a little ‘taverna’ somewhere East of here. A bar where they dance tango and polka, where they fight and make love, where the night lasts as long as there is vodka… and vodka there is!!”

Well, need I say more? Get clearing your schedules and putting aside €10 for your tickets now.


Alright, I will say more – and it’s not because I’m paid per word, honest.

Kabaret Kalashnikov was created by our old friend Ferkel Johnson and fellow street-performer Andy Snatch in 2010. This weekend is going to be the 5th edition of their infamous cabaret show, and it promises renowned street-performers from all over the world and the funkiest artists and acrobats from Berlin, who have joined together to create a unique spectacle that will blow your minds.

The shows are running at Sisyphos on Thursday 15th, Friday 16th and Saturday 17th, beginning at 20:30 sharp. Tickets cost a mere €10 each.


I asked Ferkel to explain a little about the show:

“This time of year is when street performers finish their season, and circus artists and acrobats are just about start theirs. It’s the perfect time to get all our friends and extended family of performers together and put on a special show.

“We wanted a situation for the show to take place in, where artists could show their talents. After a few drinks and a few rounds of shots, it became clear it needed to be a vodka bar, ‘somewhere East from here’. After all, bars are where the strangest characters are usually found.

“After the show, we invite the audience to the bar to drink and party with us. So, Kabaret Kalashnikov doesn’t actually end when the show ends. In fact, it starts.

“Sisyphos offers a perfect partner for our cabaret, as they have a great location for the show AND the after party. Also, when we come up with crazy, exotic ideas and random wishes, these people make it happen! It’s our 4th show with the Sisyphos club and we’re really happy to be working with them.”


As Sisyphos is a nightclub, the Thursday show is better suited for minors and families as the Friday and Saturday shows will have an age limit (and hundreds of zombified ravers). With the entrance cost to the cabaret, you get to stay for the Sisyphos party as well.

To find more about Kabaret Kalashnikov, visit their Facebook page.



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